He Saved Me

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

Submitted: July 15, 2009

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Submitted: July 15, 2009



Abby’s pov~~
Jenn was standing there with a big smile on her face and I just stood there like and idiot with my mouth open wide eyed. Nick had an angry expression on his face watching Nicole run away then he looked over at me and smiled. I was still there dumb struck when Jenn elbowed me in the ribs really hard, I broke out of my trance once I felt the pain and let out a yelp and clutched my side.

“You idiot what was that for?”

“Fuck, I’m so sorry Abb’s”

“Its ok, I might just stay away from you for a little bit though”

“So you girls mind if I join you?”

I was about to say yes we do mind but Jenn jumped in first.

“Of course not were going to see the new horror movie though”

“great that’s what I was planning on seeing”
Ok there is something up, I know, they were planning this they want me to fall for nick and he’s going to pretend to love me and once he gets me into bed our information about me he’ll run off to his little friends ugggh that dick.

“Abby are you ok?” nick and Jenn asked at the same time.

“Huh? Uhm yeah just zoned out for a second, well lets get the tickets”

I turned around so fast I nearly gave my self whiplash, I heard Jenn and Nick laughing at me , oh I am so flipping later. We got our tickets and walked into the movie, I sat between Nick and Jenn perfect and now and he’s gonna try and make a move on me.

“Hey Abby if you need a shoulder to lean on or hide in I’m here”

AHAHA see typical predictable guy. But he was smiling that really cute smile that made it really hard to tell him to forget about that but I wasn’t giving in that easy. I started laughing and he looked so confused.

“Don’t worry nick I don’t need to hide in any ones shoulder”

He looked a little hurt by what I said and I almost wanted to take it back, almost but if I didn’t want to get hurt I would just have to keep being a bitch. The movie started with a young girl getting beaten, I started feeling sick and tears were welling in my eyes, I walked out and ran to where you could buy food luckily the lines were long I got in the longest one and concentrated on steadying my breathing.

Nicks pov~~
When we walked into the movies I decided I was going to give it a chance with Abby.

“Hey Abby if you need a shoulder to lean on or hide in I’m here”

I was shocked and confused when she laughed but then again it’s Abby and I should have guessed she’d something like that she’s not like all the other girls and I have to remember that.

“Don’t worry nick I don’t need to hide in any ones shoulder”

I was hurt by what she said. Why am I falling so hard and so fast for this girl? This never happened before, oh well I’m not giving up on her yet. The movie started with a girl getting beaten and Abby got up and walked out I looked over at Jenn who had a confused look on there face.

“Don’t worry I’ll go see if she’s ok”

“Nick maybe I should”

“No its ok Jenn just stay here and I’ll go get her”

I walked out and looked around and found her in the longest line for food, I walked up behind her and placed my hand on her shoulder she yelped jumped 2 feet in the air.

“WTF are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

“No sorry I just wanted to make sure you were ok”

“I’m fine I just wanted food”

“So you waited for the movie started before coming to buy it?”

“Well I wasn’t hungry until now”
“So you got in the longest line here”

“I didn’t notice that this was the longest one”

“Sure you didn’t”

I grabbed her hand and laced my fingers threw hers, wow her hand was so tiny compared to min and fit perfectly with mine, I felt little tingles going threw my hand and spread threw my body. I was surprised when she didn’t pull away and let me lead her over to a bench and sat down with me.

“Abby please tell me what’s going on is there someone hurting, a secret boyfriend, a parent, siblings? Please Abby tell me” I asked while pulling her into my lap and wrapping my arms around her, this felt so right holding her like this, I never wanted to let go or leave this moment she leaned he head against my chest and shook her head.

Abby’s Pov~~
I wanted to tell him, I really did, but I couldn’t risk him or anyone else that I care about get killed because of me. I was pulled out off my thoughts when I felt nicks warm breath on my ear.

“Abby please tell me you don’t have to be afraid” he whispered.

I shivered a bit, he was making it so much harder for me not to fall for him or tell him what’s going on. I was weak and vulnerable he could do whatever he wanted and I wouldn’t put up a fight.

“I’m not afraid, there’s nothing to tell I don’t have a secret boyfriend, or siblings and no one at home is hurting honestly”

I Just can’t tell him it’s not fair and its to selfish.

All of a sudden he turned his head and our noses were touching then he closed the space between us, I wanted so badly to pull away but I couldn’t all I could feel were electric shocks throughout my body and all I could think of how I was going to get closer.

His tongue traced my bottom lip asking for an entrance my body shivered in excitement and opened my mouth his tongue exploring every corner of my mouth as I did the same to him our tongues mingling with each others.

I never wanted it to end, I wanted to stay in Nicks arms forever where I knew I was safe and nothing could hurt me.

But one of us had to have some sense so I pulled away panting.

“Come on Jenn is going to wonder where we are”

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