He Saved Me

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Chapter 15 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 22, 2009



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He kept crying and saying things I couldn’t understand.


“Shhh baby” I said as gently as possible and ran my hand threw his hair gently hoping it was soothing him after a few minutes he got him self back to normal and looked up at me with bloodshot eyes.


“You want me to drive?”


“No, oh thanks for uh letting me cry on you and for soothing me”


“I would say anytime but I don’t think I ever want to see you like that again it was heartbreaking”


He tried to smile and failed miserably.  


We drove to the park in complete silence I was debating on whether I wanted to know nick did drugs or not, we got there and he looked even more upset but got out and came around and opened my door for me and took my hand and started walking after ten minutes I started to wonder if he was going to tell me or not, I didn’t want to push him to tell me but I need to know to see if I can help him.


“Nick are you going to tell me or not? I understand if you don’t want to”


“Yes I’m going to tell you, I’ll probably feel better once I do, I’m just taking you to the spot where I usually come to think.




We walked up a hill at the top was a big tree the view over looked the entire park and would be and amazing place to watch the sunset I know sounds plain but it was beautiful.  We sat down nick looked at me and kept opening and closing his mouth has if trying to find the right words to say.


“Nick its ok you can tell me”


“The reason I started doing drugs is because my mom left 2 years ago, because my dad changed so much and only cared  about work, she left me and Jason with him because she thought we would turn out the same way. Then I started doing stuff that my dad didn’t like I guess I just wanted him to notice me and give me his attention but it was nothing serious so he started lecturing me on how I should be more like Jason and how I’m such a disappointment so I tired to be more like Jason for while but I couldn’t take it anymore.  He was always so proud of him no matter what he did so I figured he didn’t care about me or what I did me and Jason even started to grow distant and we were close.  So when we came here and I got in with the wrong group that convinced me that drugs were the best thing ever and would solve any problems you had and I actually believed them because when your high you can’t feel anything and I never really thought about my future or anything else like that until I met you and it all came crashing down on me.


Omg how am I just going to tell him that only want to be friends? That will crush him.


He just broke down sobbing again.


“Nick everything’s going to be ok, I’m going to help you, please, please calm down baby”


I couldn’t stand seeing him like that, he gave me a weak smile and it nearly broke my heart.


“Thank you Abby, you’re the first person I have ever told, I’ve never even told Jake”


“Your welcome and I’m glad you told me, Nick will you promise me something?”




“Stop doing drugs please and stop hanging out with those people you call your friends, well Jake’s ok I guess we’ll have to help him to.  I know its asking a lot but please I’m going to try and help you stop.”


“Abby that’s not as simple as you think an make it sound, I can’t just stop taking drugs I need them, and those people as you call them supply them, I’ll go in to with drawl  without them”


“Nick I know I never said this was going to be easy its going to very hard and I’ll be there to help you please nick promise me this please”


“Fine I promise”


“Thank you”


“Come one we should get you home and I’ll go back to Jenn’s and you look like you could use some sleep”


He gave me another slow passionate kiss that made me melt this time he was the one to pull away.


“That sounds like a good idea”


We drove home in silence I was too deep in though to be in a conversation I couldn’t stop thinking about why do I keep leading him on if I’m going to hurt him? How the hell am I going to help him? What am I going to do if he finds out about Kert?

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