He Saved Me

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Chapter 16 (v.1)

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Nicks pov~

I was hurt that Abby didn’t want me to hang out with her and Jenn, I guess she was just leading me on.

“Look Abby if you don’t want me here I’ll leave”

“Nick I didn’t mean it the way I said it, stay if you want to”

“I’m not going to stay if I’m not wanted here”

I turned to leave not expecting Abby to stop me; she grabbed my hand and turned me to face her.

“Abby let go, I’m leaving just like you want”

“Nick please stay, I don’t want you to leave please stay”

She said so softly and looked up at me with this face that would make me do anything she asked, I searched her face to see if she was lying, I saw truth in her eyes. I cupped her face gently and kissed her softly she kissed back for a minute then pulled away.

“Abby did I do something wrong?”

“No, no lets get inside I’m cold”

I didn’t really believe her but didn’t want to push the subject. I grabbed her hand and gave it a gently squeeze hoping she wasn’t mad for so dumb reason.

“So Nick do you still want me to help you with school?”

“If you want, I don’t really care”

And the truth was I didn’t they could fail me all they want I would have dropped out already if it wasn’t for my father I just go to get him off my back but once I’m 18 there’s nothing stopping me.Abby stop walking and looked at me with a very serious face.

“Nick you’ve got to get your life together you can’t keep doing drugs, partying all the time and throwing away your education, we have our senior year next year don’t you want to graduate and go to college make a life for your self and eventually settle down and start a family or do you want to be some Alcoholic drug addict bum living on the street?”

Wow I never really thought about it like that I guess I figured that I would just get by no matter what. But you can’t get a well enough paying job without at least grade 12.The way Abby put it everything came crashing sown on me I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life, I don’t know I I’m going to make it to graduate or past college?. I realized she was right but what if I’m to far gone

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