He Saved Me

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Chapter 17 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 30, 2009



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If I keep doing the things I do I won’t make it to graduate or go to college, I probably don’t have the grades to pass.  I rested my forehead against hers I could feel the tears coming to my eyes.


“Abby I never thought about that but it all sounds good well not the bum part, Abby I’m scared I’m to far gone, what if I don’t make it to graduation or past college.”


“Nick what kind of drugs have you been doing?”


I looked away I was too ashamed. She grabbed my chin and made me look at her then she cupped my face in her hands.


“Nick answer me”


“Uh-well there’s a couple”




“Weed, ecstasy, crack”


“No, Nick please tell me you’re joking”


I saw her eyes filling up with tears, I shook my head and a few tears escaped my eyes abyy wiped them away.

“Nick why?”

“Can we go somewhere else to talk about this like the park?”


“Of course I’ll go tell Jenn where wee going”


I walked over to my car and got in I was trying to get myself together and was almost back to normal until Abby got in the car I just broke down I was sobbing so hard that I couldn’t even make out the words I was saying I didn’t want to cry in front of Abby I didn’t want her to see me as weak but I just couldn’t stop, Abby crawled onto my lap I wrapped my arms around her and buried my head in her chest still sobbing and muttering things.


“Shh baby” she said while running her hand threw my hair it was actually really soothing while listening to her heart beat after a few more minutes I got my self back together.


“You want me to drive”


“No, oh thanks for soothing me and letting me cry on you”


I tried t smile but I don’t think that worked out to well.


“I would say anytime but I don’t think I ever want to see you like that again its heart breaking”



We were driving in silence I was trying to figure out how much to tell her or should I just tell her everything I don’t want to break down again, she should know everything.  We got to the park all too quickly, I got out and opened Abby’s door for her, took her hand and started walking to my special spot, I still couldn’t believe that I fell for Abby so fast but I don’t want anyone else, I don’t care about what people think.  With that I decided Abby should know everything.  Abby decided she was going to break the silence.


“Nick are you going to tell me or not? I understand if you don’t want to”


“Yes I’m going to tell you I’ll probably feel better once I do, I’m just taking you to my special spot where I usually come to think”




I took her up the hill with the big tree I usually sat under, its really plain but I love it you could see  the whole park and its an amazing place to watch the sunset I must have done it a hundred times and never got tired of it.  I sat down and was trying to tell her but it wasn’t coming out I guess Abby realized.


“Nick its ok you can tell me”


With that little bit of reassurance I told her everything, I just couldn’t help it I started crying again come on nick get your self together this is twice in one day.


“Nick everything’s going to be ok, I’m going to help you, please, please calm down baby”


I got myself back together hearing that; I gave her a weak smile.


“Thank you Abby you’re the first person I told, I never even told Jake”


“your welcome and I’m glad you told me , Nick will you promise me something?”




I said quickly hoping she was going to tell me who was hurting her.


“Stop doing drugs and stop hanging out with those people you call your friends, well Jake’s ok I guess we’ll have to help him too.”


“Abby that’s not as easy as you think and make it sound, I can’t just stop doing drugs I need them, and those people as you call them supply them”


“Nick I know I never said this was going to be easy, its going to be very hard and I’ll be there to help you please Nick promise me this please”


“Fine I promise”


“Thank you, come on we should get you home you look like you could use some sleep”


I kissed her slowly and softly, I love kissing her I got shocks every time I did, I would never get tired of it.  I was glad it was me to pull away this time.


“That sounds like a good idea”


We walked back to the car in silence she looked like she was deep in thought it was like that the whole way to jenns.

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