He Saved Me

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Chapter 18 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 30, 2009



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Still nicks pov~

When I got inside I smelt spaghetti and meat balls, my favorite I’m starving, I walked into the kitchen to find Jason & John setting the table, ok what the hell is going on we never eat together.


“Where have you been all day? And why did you walk out on me? we have a lot to talk about”


I sat down still confused are they shipping me off to military school.


“I was at the movies with my friends and I walked out because I didn’t feel like sitting and listening to you talk about whatever, and I still don’t want to”

“Nick you know I don’t want you hanging out with them, there going no where fast and you know it”


“Who I hang out with is none of your concern, and I wasn’t with them I was with other friends”


“I am your father so it is my concern who you hang out with and other friends Nick it doesn’t matter there all druggies and going to do nothing with there lives Nick your better then that”


“Abby and Jenn are not like that, there going places with there lives especially Abby”


“There not into drugs?”


“No there not and just so you know Abby is the smartest in our grade”


“Excellent your finally getting in with the right people and I will have to meet this Abby”


“No you don’t have to meet her and your not going to” I said while scooping up some spaghetti


“Hey bro is she pretty”


“Why do you care I thought you had a girlfriend”


“I do but it doesn’t hurt to ask and she’s probably into drugs if you don’t want dad to meet her”


“Fine you’s can meet her but for five minutes”


“Great bring her over Tuesday”


“Fine whatever”


“Now boys I have great news that I’m sure you will be over joyed to hear”


Me and Jason gave each other confused looks ok maybe there not sending me to military school.


“I haven’t been going away for work”


“Ok well where have you been going then”


Asked Jason still as confused as I was.


“I’ve been going to see your mother to work everything out and we fixed everything and got remarried and now she’s pregnant again , you’s are going to have a new brother or sister and your mother is coming home”


Me and Jason started choking.


“Wtf it took you two years to do that and she’s pregnant again”


“Yes it did take us that long sadly and yes she’s pregnant again she’s not that old”


I got up from the table and ran for the door.


“Nick wait I thought this would be good news for you”


“Well guess what its not, she left for two years and didn’t even bother to stay in contact, you’ve been a total dick head to me for the past two years, and she’s pregnant again poor kid I can’t wait to see how you treat it”


“Nick please I’m sorry I wish I could change everything and if I could go back in time I would, Nick  I just wan to make everything with us alright again I-“


“Save it for someone who cares”


I ran to my car to my car and sped off to the park.  I’ don’t know how long I was there, but the sun had gone down and I was lying under the big tree staring at the stars and moon.  My head was swimming with thoughts.  My mom was coming home, I always wished she would, now she is but its to late, I should be mad at her for leaving and not staying in touch but I couldn’t I needed her, I needed her and she wasn’t there, but I still need her. 


Maybe I should forgive my dad and Jason give them another chance, I miss our family and want it back. Ugggh I don’t know what to do, something told me to call Abby so I did.


Abby* Hello she said groggily

Nick* sorry did I wake you?

Abby* yeah you did, but its ok

Nick* I’ll let you get some sleep sorry

Abby* you already woke me, so just tell me what you called for

Nick* Abby I don’t know what to do, I have so many thoughts running threw my head right now and I just want them to go away.

Abby*Nick where are you?

Nick* the park why?

Abby* in the spot we were today?

Nick* yes why?

Abby* I’ll be there in five minutes


I was about to tell her to stay in bed and go back to sleep but she already hung up.  I just laid there with my eyes closed waiting for her to get here, a few minutes later I heard her sit next to me.


“Nick what happened?”


I told her everything.




“Yeah, Abby I don’t know what to do a part of me is still pissed off at my father but another part wants to forgive him and I want to b mad at my mom but I just can’t, I want things to go back to the way they were.”


“Nick if you want things to go back to the way they were then your going to have to forgive your brother and dad”


“Yeah I guess”


“Just take things slow; I’m sure every thing will work out”


“Your probably right like always”


“Nick I’m not always right”


“Most of the time you are”


“Whatever, so are you excited about having a new brother or sister?”


“I guess it kinda seems weird though”


“I know what you mean, well I guess, no actually I don’t”


I chuckled a bit at that.






“Will you stay here with me for a while?”




She laid next to me looking up at the stars, we talked about random things and I learned a lot about here just as she learned a lot about me, talking to Abby just made me forget everything else.  After a while everything went silent and I was fighting to keep my eyes open, I looked over at Abby, she was already asleep.  I gently pulled her into my arms she put her head on my chest and one arm across my stomach I held her close to my body and then darkness took over.

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