He Saved Me

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Chapter 19 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 01, 2009



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Abby’s pov~

I woke up to much more noise then I’m use to and the blinding sun when my eyes adjusted to the light I saw I was in the park, wtf, how did I get here? I looked down to make sure I still had my clothes on and I wasn’t drugged and raped or jumped and raped.


 I looked beside me and saw Nick sleeping peacefully, he looked so cut I couldn’t help but smile, memories of last night played through my mind.  For some reason I decided I was going to wake him up in a way I knew I was going to regret later.  I straddled him and started kissing along his jaw and slowly kissed up to his ear and sexly whispered.


“Wake up sleepy head”

He let out a groan I bent down and kissed him long and slow, after a minute he started kissing me back suddenly he flipped us so I was underneath him but he didn’t have any of his weight on me he suddenly pulled away but I didn’t want him to stop I wanted to keep kissing him.


“That was mean, I wanted to sleep longer”


“Well honey I never said I was nice”



“But you can’t say you didn’t like the way I woke you up”


“Your right I wouldn’t mind waking up like that every morning”


He bent his head to kiss me soon we were making out and it started to get deeper and rougher but I didn’t want to stop, he slid his hand under my shirt I was about to pull away and slap him into next week but his had stopped at my waist  were he gently rubbed his thumb back and forth my hands slid from his neck down his back making him shiver, my hands  met at the front of his shirt then slid under, my hands slowly crept up his abs and chest slowly then back down his muscles tighten under my touch he was friggen built. But he pulled away I must have had a confused look on my face because he gave me a quick kiss before saying.


“Come on I should get you home before Jenn thinks you were kidnapped”


I pouted then realized he was right.


“Oh shit, Nick hurry up and get off of me she could have called the cops already”


“Ok calm down she’s probably not even up yet”


“So what she’s going to freak if she wakes up and I’m not there”


“Ok, ok I’ll get you home now”


We ran to the car and got to Jenn’s quickly I ran up the drive way and into the house.


“Where the hell have you been do you know how worried I was about you”


“Geez om chill and I fell asleep at the park with nick”


“Girl please tell me you didn’t have sex in a bush”


“Know actually it was under the jungle gym, of course not what do you think I am a whore?”


“Geez calm down I was only kidding around and I got you back for having me worried sick I was about to call the cops”


“I’m sorry”


“Its ok”


“So what do you want to do to day?”


“Lets just stay here I don’t feel like going anywhere, I have a bunch of junk food and we can watch movies”


“Ok what movies should we watch”


“John Tucker must die” we said at the same time.


“God I never get tired of that movie”


 We grabbed all the junk food she had and watched movies all day.  It was 8:00 I decided I should probably get home I walked home slowly thinking of what kert was going to do to me today.  I finally made it home as usual my mom was at work oh great there’s no getting out of this; I walked in quietly and saw him watching TV he noticed me come in and stalked over to me he had me cornered he slapped me hard enough to send me flying to the floor and split my lip.


“I’m surprised you came back you little bitch”


He said while kicking me in the stomach, I whimpered in pain.


“What’s wrong? Can’t take the pain? Well you shouldn’t have been making plans to run away”


He said kicking me again.


“Please Kert I wasn’t I swear please stop”


He pulled me to my feet by my hair and shoved me towards the stairs.


“Go upstairs and don’t come down till tomorrow your mother us going to be home soon”


I walked as quick as I could up the stairs, as soon as I got in my room I collapsed everything hut, it hurt to breather, there were no fresh bruises on my face just the split lip.




I just let my phone ring but whoever was calling just wouldn’t give up.


Abby* hello

Oh gosh I sound like I’m dieing.

Nick* Abby are you ok?

Abby* Yeah I’m fine

Nick* you don’t sound fine

Abby*Nick honestly its just my phone

Nick*ok then, uhmm I forgot to tell you my father and brother want to meet you.

Abby* Really?

Nick* really, so will you?

Abby* sure I guess when?

Nick* this Tuesday

Abby* Alright well I’m going now cyah tomorrow


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