He Saved Me

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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"You know you right you don't look like a princess! but you sure do act like one"i was about to reply but Miss.Macdonald cut me off.""ok enough, i have a staff meeting and i'll be back at 4:30 and i expect you to be here when i get back"and with that she left i went back to my desk and started taking out my subjects i looked at nick who was staring at me "What??"he just smirked "your actually going to listen to her??""yeah so i can get your grades up and when there up you can leave me alone, now what do you want to start with?""don't know and don't care""of course you don't , what are you the worst at?""i don't know math i guess?""ok well get your math out"i looked at it to see what he was doing wrong but he didn't have anything written down in his scribbler or his sheets."ok well heres you first problem you don't have anything written down""i have better things to do"I can't believe i have to waste my time with him he dosen't want to learn and he dosen't think that i have better things to do then sit here and try and teach him this stuff i'm getting fed up with him and its been what five mintues."so what do you have better to do?? getting drunk and high, screwing every girl on the planet and destroying things? o yeah that sounds greeeeeeeeat"as soon as i said it i regretted it and felt bad that was a little harsh, i could tell he was mad and it was scaring me as soon as he yelled i jumped and moved my desk away from his."you think you know everything bitch, well you have no idea whats going on in my life & just because your lifes perfect dosen't mean mine is" i just sat there and waited for him to calm down." look nick i didn't mean what i said it slipped out because i was mad and i didn't mean to judge you like that and my lifes not so perfect eithier""yeah whatever""do you want to tell me why you do the things that you do?""no that is none of bussneiss""ok uhm sorry here do this sheet while i do my math homework" he took the sheet and started working surpriseinglyNicks pov~~I can't believe what she said, she has no idea whats going on in my life and she shouldn't judge me. I wish she knew what was really going on in my life the bitch would feel bad then. ~~~~whats going on in nicks life~~~~ he lives in this amazingly gorgeous mansion with his dad and older brother who is his fathers favorite son since his mom left two years ago because she couldn't believe how much his father changed and only cared about work. His father was and ass hole who barely even noticed his exstience and when his father does he would just yell at him and tell him how ashamed he was of him and how he should be more like his brother instead of wasting away his life. Usually his brother was away at college & his father was away for work so he was alone most of the time he was alone and took care of himslef. I finshed the sheet quickly and waited for Abby to notice i was sitting there staring at her i just noticed how un believeably gorgeous she is, why didn't i notice this before?, she was so concentrated on her math homeowrk that she didn't notice me staring,she would probaly think i'm some sort of creeper wait hold up why do i care about what she thinks?? no, no, no i can't be falling for her. she looked up and saw me staring."what are you staring at??""Huh? uh n-nothing" oh man did i just stuttershe giggled "you finshed already" she asked kinda shocked "yeah it dosen't take me a year to do math problems""well i'll check them and see what you need help with"It only took her a couple of mintues for her to finsh, she looked at me wide eyed and her jaw was almost touching the desk, i started to feel a little nervous."am i really that bad?""no your actually smart you got this all right,theres nothing wrong"i couldn't stop smileing until she handed me a bunch more work sheets and told me to do the. I finshed them all quickly and she checked them over and she gave me the same expression as before."your actually smart" she said stunned "i guess""why don't you do the work you already no all this, don't you want to go to college and make something of you life"" i don't know, i guess, i'm not worrying about college we still got another year of highschool left"" well you should you would do great"i couldn't help but smile i proved my father wron, he said i was never smart enough to do anything but apparently i'm great in math, maybe if i get smart and stop doing the shit i do he'll accept me and stop thinking of me as a failure, i notice abby was staring at me."what are you staring at?""uh nothing, whats wrong?""what do you mean whats wrong i was just thinking"

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