He Saved Me

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Chapter 20 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 05, 2009



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Nicks pov~

I woke up to someone kissing up my jaw, woah wait wtf. I was about to push whoever was on top of me off until I heard them whisper very seductively.


“Wake up sleepy head”


It was Abby wtf then I remembered last night I couldn’t help but groan.  


She kissed me slowly like I did to her the day before, I didn’t react right I way because I’m not the brightest when I wake up, when I did I flipped us over so she was under me and none of my weight was on her soon we were making out and the kiss kept getting deeper and rougher I slid my hand up her shirt but stopped at her waist and rubbed my thumb back and forth, if it was any other girl I would have kept going but I don’t want to ruin things with Abby I knew she wouldn’t want me to touch her like that until she was ready. I felt her hands run down my back and couldn’t help but shiver, and then her hands slid under the front of my shirt, my muscles tightened at her touch I pulled away before it got to the point where I wouldn’t be able to control myself she had a confused look on her face I didn’t want her to think she did anything wrong so I gave her a quick kiss.


“Come on I should get you home before Jenn thinks you were kidnapped”


She pouted which I thought was the most adorable thing I ever saw, with most girls it was just pathetic.


“Oh, shit, nick hurry up and get off of me she could have called the cops already”


“Ok calm down she’s probably not even up yet”


“So what she’s going to freak if she wakes up and I’m not there”


“Ok, ok I’ll get you home now”


We ran to the car and drove quickly to Jenn’s, I never realized how close they were until now they were more like sisters then friends.


I drove to my house and soon as I got threw the door I was attacked by Jason giving me a bear hug what the hell?


“Uh dude let go”

“Where the hell have you been? Dad was out all night searching for you and I’ve been waiting here to see if you were going to come home we thought we were going to find you dead in a ditch”


“Geez chill I fell asleep at the park that’s all you should probably call dad and tell him I’m home before he calls the cops or something”


Jason started grinning like an idiot.




“You actually called him dad, I didn’t think you’d ever call him that again”


“Yeah well I want us to be how we use to be”




“Really dude”


He pulled me into another bear hug this time I hugged back man I missed this.





“Are you serious about Vanessa?”


“Yeah why?”


“How serious?”


“Dude this is for your ears and your ears only and if you tell anyone I’ll kick your ass cause I don’t want people to know a girl turned me into mush”


“Ok I get it”


“Its that serious that I always have to make sure she’s alright, I can’t go a day without talking to her, and I do sweet romantic things for her just because. I fell for her from the first time I saw her I honestly think I’m going to marry her”


“Wo I never though I’d hear you talk about Marriage”


“Yeah why do you feel like that about a girl?”

I just shrugged.


“Its Abby isn’t it”


“How did you know?”


“Because when you talked about her your face lit up and you got this weird look in your eyes”


“Holy shit your right she did turn you to mush”


He pushed me off the couch and I landed on my ass we both started laughing then I heard dad come in.


 “Jason, I think its time to call the cops I can’t find him anywhere”


“I’m fine dad; I just fell asleep at the park”


I heard a bang like he tripped then he was right in front of me and I was pulled into another bear hug, I hugged him back he was also smiling like an idiot.


“You actually called me dad, so does this mean you forgive me then?”


“Yeah dad I forgive you”


He actually looked happy it wasn’t fake, he was actually happy to know I was ok.


“Well I’m going to my room”


I tried calling Abby but there was no answer at first but I tried again.


Abby* Hello

Holy piss she sounded like death.

Nick* Abby are you ok?

Abby* Yeah I’m fine

Nick* you don’t sound fine

Abby* Nick honestly I’m fine its just my phone.

Nick* Ok then, umm I forgot to tell you that my dad and brother want to meet you.

Abby* Really?

Nick* really so will you?

Abby* sure I guess when?

Nick* this Tuesday

Abby* Alright well I’m going now cyah

Nick* Bye


I didn’t believe her something happened I just didn’t want to push the subject because that would piss her off and that the last thing I want to do. I decided to Shower then eat.  The shower relaxed my muscles but I was still trying to figure out if some one was hurting her then why would she keep it a secret is she embarrassed or afraid?  I wish she would open up and tell me so I can help her but I can’t do anything until I know for sure someone’s hurting her because I know she’s not going to tell me she needs help before its to late.  After I was done eating I sat down to with dad and Jason to watch tv but ended up staring out the window I couldn’t concentrate on anything besides trying to figure out how to help Abby.


“Nick are you ok?”


“Hmm yeah I’m fine”


“What’s bothering you son?”


“I’m worried about Abby”




“Cause I think someone’s hurting her but she wont tell me who or if someone is, but the other day Jake just nudge her in the ribs a tiny and she screamed and I went off after her and she ended up crying off her cover up and her face was full of bruises so was her arm you could see someone’s finger prints bruised into her arm”


I looked at my dad and brother who look disgusted and shocked.


“Nick why didn’t you tell some body you need to help her”

“I know I do and the only proof I have is the bruises on her body but she made up the excuse she got jumped I don’t know who’s doing this to her or how long its been going on and its killing me”


“Maybe she really did get jumped”


“Yeah maybe but that doesn’t explain why she turns up with a split lip every now and then”


“Nick you should tell someone, go to the police and get them to do and investigation”


“I can’t she won’t admit it plus if I did she would never speak to me again, maybe if I just give her time she’ll tell me”


“Maybe son but don’t wait to long something serious could happen”


“I know dad, oh and both of you don’t mention anything like that when she comes over”




“Go get some sleep you look like you could use it”


I fell into a deep restless sleep having nightmares about Abby getting beaten and I was standing there watching but I couldn’t move. I woke up and looked at the clock it was 5:00am I decided to just stay up I didn’t want to watch that again. I went and got dressed and noticed I was really shaky and fidgety I knew exactly what I needed but I’m not going to get it I ate and watched tv I don’t know how long it was before Jason came down.


“How long were you up?”


“Since 5:00 why what time is it?”




“I gotta leave soon”


“Why are you so fidgety?”

I looked away and shrugged.


“Why Nick?”


“Why what?”


“Why are you fidgeting so much?”


“I don’t know”

“Bull shit, its from the drugs isn’t it?”


I looked down, shit how does he know everything.




“Nick don’t lie to me what have you been taking?”


“Nothing just leave me alone”


“No I won’t leave you alone until you tell me”


“its nothing”


“its not nothing now tell me”


“Weed, ecstasy, crack”


The color drained from his face and he looked horrified.


“Nick why?”




“Stop lying to me Nick”


“I just wanted to escape everything”


“So you turned to drugs?”


“Yes ok”


“You gotta stop Nick dad will get you help nick please”


“I am stopping that’s why I’m shaky and fidgety and I don’t need help”


“What’s making you stop now? Why not sooner?”


“Because Abby made me realize what’s going to happen if I keep doing drugs”


“Well at least some one made you realize”


“Yeah well I got to go cyah”









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