He Saved Me

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Chapter 21 (v.1)

Submitted: August 09, 2009

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Submitted: August 09, 2009



This chapter is a little boring.
Johns pov~
When I told Jason & Nick that I fixed everything with there mother and told them we were married and having another baby I didn’t expect them to choke and look at me like I was crazy.
“Wtf it took you two years to do that and she’s pregnant again”
I didn’t like the tone he was using but I decided to not get mad and make everything worse.
“Yes it did take us that long sadly and yes she’s pregnant again she’s not that old”
He got up from the table and ran from the kitchen.
“Nick wait I thought this would be good news for you”
“Well guess what its not, she left for two years and didn’t even bother staying in contact, you’ve been a total dick head to me for the past two years, and she’s pregnant again I can’t wait to see how you treat it.”
“Nick please I’m sorry I wish I could change everything, Nick I just want to make everything with us alright again I-“
“Save it for someone who cares”
He ran from the house, I ran to the window and watched him speed off down the street I heard Jason going up the stairs and slam his door.
Fuck I though this was suppose to be good news.  I sat down for and hour or two waiting for nick back.  I better go looking for him I told Jason to stay here incase he came back, I drove everywhere I could think of that he would be I even looked in places I knew he wouldn’t be I even got out of the car and searched every where, I kept searching till the sin came up, my heart was pounding harder every time I couldn’t find him or I thought of never seeing him again.  I called it quits for now I’m driving home and calling the cops that’s probably the first thing I should have done.
John* did he come home yet?
Jason* no not yet where the hell could he be
John* I don’t know but I’ll take another look around before coming home.
Jason*Alright bye
Again I looked everywhere I could think of then I wasn’t thinking straight I was filled with worry for my youngest son out there somewhere dead or dying. After looking everywhere again and not finding him I drove back to the house I didn’t bother putting my car in the garage I just left it in the drive way.
“Jason I think its time to call the cops I can’t find him anywhere”
Then almost like a miracle I heard Nicks voice.
“I’m fine dad I just fell asleep at the park”
I tripped over my own feet and hit the floor with a bang but I got up faster then I thought possible and ran into the living room where I found him sitting on the floor I ran over and pulled him into a tight hug I was relieved that Nick was hugging me back when I pulled away I could feel myself smiling like a fool.
“You actually called me dad, do does this mean forgive me?”
“Yeah dad I forgive you”
I was so happy it was unbelievable everything was working out for the best I was getting my family back together Nick was Home safe and forgiving me and Jason.
“Well I’m going to my room”
“Jason do you mind making something for dinner I’m going to sleep for awhile”
“Yeah sure”
I fell into a deep dreamless sleep after about two hours sleep I went down stairs to watch tv with Jason, Nick came down after a while with a stressed expression on his face he ate then sat down on the couch and stared at the screen for a few minutes then just looked out the window.
“Nick are you ok?”
“Hmmm yeah I’m fine”
“What’s bothering you son?”
“I’m worried about Abby”
“Because I think some ones hurting  her but she wont tell me who or if someone is, but the other day Jake just nudge her in the ribs a tiny bit and she screamed, I went after her and she ended up crying off her cover up, and her face was full of bruises so was her arms you could see some ones finger prints bruised into her arms”
I could feel my stomach turning I felt totally disgusted.
“Nick why didn’t you tell somebody, you need to help her”
“I know I do and the only proof I have is the bruises on her body but she made up the excuse she was jumped, I don’t know who’s doing this to her or how long its been going on and its killing me”
“Maybe she really did get jumped”
“Yeah Maybe but that doesn’t explain why she turns up with a split lip everyone and then”
“Nick you should tell someone, go to the police and get them to do an investigation”
“I can’t she won’t admit it plus if I did that she would never speak to me again, maybe if I just give her time she’ll tell me”
“Maybe son but don’t wait to long something serious could happen”
“I know dad oh and both of you don’t mention anything like that when she comes over”
“”Alright, go get some sleep you look like you could use it”
Abby is being abused, she wont admit it because she’s scared or embarrassed its common, but I can’t get Nick to go the police until he has all the proof I fell asleep thinking of that poor girl.

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