He Saved Me

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Chapter 22 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 09, 2009



Abby’s pov~
I woke up from the worst nightmare yet, I looked at my clock there was still another hour until I had to get ready but I wasn’t going back to sleep, I got ready anyway and walked downstairs and my mom was making breakfast weird she was usually at work by now or sleeping in.
“Good morning honey, oh my god what happened to your lip?”
“Uh last night after I got out of the shower the floor was wet and I slipped and hit my lip off the door knob”
Oh my god I come up with the stupidest excuses ever but surprisingly she believed it.
“Oh baby you always were clumsy. You have to be more careful”
“Yeah I know mom”
“Sit down I made pancakes & let’s talk I have been so busy lately that I hardly get to see you baby girl”
“Yeah I know”
“So how’s everything with school? Any cute guys? Do you have yourself a boyfriend yet?
Oh what about Jennifer? I haven’t seen her in ages.  You to aren’t fighting are you? Oh and there is this amazing sale at the mall this weekend we should go and-“
“Woah, Woah holy crap mom breathe everything is great with school, and yes there are cute guys its high school, No I do not have a boyfriend yet and neither does Jenn and no were not fighting we just usually hangout at her place or go where ever and thanks for breakfast but I got to leave now”
I walked upstairs and brushed my teeth and came back down stairs and mom was putting dishes in the dish washer.
“I’m leaving now Bye”
“Wait sweetheart come straight home after school”
“I can’t mom I have to help Nick with his school work After School”
“Alright hun but who’s nick?”
“Just some guy I have to help with school bye”
I got out of there as soon as I could, I didn’t hate my mom but I wasn’t best friends with her either everything was awkward after my dad died seven years ago and with Kert and everything I kept my distance. I finally got to school where Jenn was waiting by the entrance.
“What the hell happened to your lip?”
“The floor was wet after I got out of the shower and I hit my lip off the door knob”
“Hey Babe” we heard Jake shout
“EWWW” Jenn said loud enough for Jake to hear his smiled vanished for a second but came back mischievous.
“Awwwh don’t be like that especially after Friday’s party” he said while pulling her against him and started leaning in.
Jenn pushed him so hard he landed on his ass she got right in his face.
“Nothing Happened Friday, so stay away from me”
“Ok Jenn come on” I said before she hut the guy.
I heard nick laugh as he went over to help jake up.
“Oh you really have a way with the ladies” he said still laughing
I grabbed Jenn’s wrist and pulled her inside so we could walk to my locker I wanted to avoid nick till at least after school because if he see’s my lip he’s not going to leave me alone.
“Why didn’t you stay and talk to nick?”
“Uh I wanted to grab my books that I need”
“Girl we have another 15 minutes before we have to get are books your scared to talk to him aren’t you?”
“Why would I be scared to talk to him?”
“I don’t know you tell me”
‘its nothing so leave it”
Uggh she was always trying to figure out what was going on with me, but I never told her I couldn’t and I wouldn’t but she was getting close to figuring it out.
“Abby its not nothing, what’s going on that your so scared to be with nick, do you have some secret boyfriend your not telling me about?”
“Of course not, really its nothing”
“Abby I can’t take this anymore you are always coming to school hurt in someway but you won’t let anybody in, we have been like sisters since we were 5 I have never lied or hidden anything from you, I trust you with my life but you obviously don’t trust me, I can’t watch you like this anymore, you need help but you wont let anybody help you, so I’m done you can figure out what you need to do by yourself, be the smart girl I know you are” with that she got up and walked away.
“Jenn wait please”
“No Abby I’m done waiting, I can’t take this anymore”
“Jenn please its not what you think”
“Then what is it stop hiding things from me and let me help you”
“Its hard to explain”
“Try me”
“I can’t”
“See there you go again, call me when the real Abby reenters your body”
“No Abby I’m done”
I watched her walk down the hall uggh everything’s falling apart.
Dad why did you have to leave me everything’s been a mess since I thought to myself as I walked outside and sat at the picnic table under the big tree facing away from school just incase I started to cry.
Why, why am I being punished? I don’t know what I did wrong please god please if your listening dad even someone who’s watching over me I need help please I just want a normal life, I want to be a normal 17 year old I can’t take this much pain, I’m losing everyone because I can’t open up to anyone, but no on realizes that I’m trying to protect them, please give me strength to get through this and maybe tell someone daddy I know promised you I would always be strong, and stand up for myself, but I don’t know if I even no how to be strong anymore, I need you now more then ever, I miss you daddy please help me threw this.
I didn’t realize that I was crying until I opened my eyes and everything was blurry I let the tears escape then wiped them away quickly, I got up knowing that I would have to put cover up on again, I saw Jenn and nick talking and looking in my direction they both looked upset and pissed I quickly walked into the school and into the bathroom surprised that there was no one there, I put the cover up on , and grabbed my books and headed to math class I was the only one in there besides Mr.J
“Your early Abby”
“Anything you want to talk about?”
“No thanks”
“Well if your sure. But if you ever need to talk to someone but don’t know who I’m here”
“No problem so do you want to know your mark from your math test?”
“100 as usual you keep your grades the way they are now next year and your set for a scholarship”
“Good to know”
“You know this school is proud of you, I think you’re the only student who gets hundreds in everything every year, it will be a nice to see a student get a scholarship for something not sport related”
“Thanks Mr.J that actually cheered me up”
“Again no problem”
Another person walked in I looked to see who it was shit its nick I looked away quickly.
“Well Nick this is a surprise I never thought I’d see you show up early for a class if you even showed up at all”
“Yeah well I’m getting my life together so I can maybe pass this year”
“Well that’s like since I hear Abby’s helping you”
“Yes Mr.Uh?”
“Mr.j well I’ll leave you two alone so you can start to catch up”
No shit don’t leave me here I thought but he just walked out the door.
“So you fell down the stairs?” nick asked irritated.
“Well that’s what you told Jenn & that’s how you broke your rib why didn’t you tell me about that, but what I’m really confused about is did you fall down the stairs or did you get jumped or are they both lies to cover up the truth”
“The reason I didn’t tell you I broke a rib is because it never came up in conversation secondly I told Jenn I fell down the stairs because I didn’t want her to worry that’s the truth”
“Sure it is Abby what happened to your lip?”
“The floor was wet when I got out of the shower last night I slipped and hit off the door knob”
“Ok what about all the other times you came to school with a split lip or something broken?”
“I’m clumsy that’s all”
“I don’t believe you; I see why Jenn’s done with you”
“Excuse me”
“You heard me she can’t take anymore of your lies; now start telling the truth or I’m going to find out who’s hurting you one way or another”
“ I am telling the truth and what are you threatening me, what are you going to do stalk me to fin that out because I will call the police, you know what stay away from me, I’ll still help you with school work for an hour or 2 after school in the library but other then that I don’t want you to come near me and tell your father and brother I don’t want to meet them now or ever” with that I got up and walked away leaving him pissed off, I needed to see my dad today after school after I’m done helping nick.  I can’t believe life one minute its heaven the next its hell I don’t know how much longer I can take this.

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