He Saved Me

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Chapter 23 (v.1)

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Submitted: September 01, 2009



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Jenn’s pov~

I found it a little weird how Abby wanted to go inside when she saw nick especially after what happened between them but she dragged me into the school before I could say anything.


“Why didn’t you stay and talk to Nick?”


“Uh I want to grab the books I need”


I knew she was lying she did great in school but she hates it and she never gets her books early.


“Girl we have 15 minutes before we have to get our books, you scared to talk to him aren’t you?”


“Why would I be scared to talk to him?”


“I don’t know you tell me”


“It’s nothing so leave it”


Ugggggggh she would never let anybody help her and open up to anybody.


“Abby it’s not nothing what’s going on that your so scared to be with nick, do you have some secret boyfriend your not telling me about”


“Of course not, really it’s nothing”


“Abby I can’t take this anymore you are always coming to school hurt in some way, but you won’t let anybody in, we have been like sisters since we were 5, I have never lied or hidden anything from you, I trust you with my life but you obviously don’t trust me, I can’t watch you like this anymore, you need help but you won’t let anybody, so I’m done you can figure out what you need to do by yourself, be the smart girl I know you are”


I got up to walk away, I felt terrible doing this to her but it has to be done maybe she’ll realize what she has to do.


“Jenn wait please”


“No Abby I’m done waiting; I can’t watch you like this anymore”


“Jenn please it’s not what you think”


“Then what is it stop hiding things from me and let me help you”


“It’s hard to explain”


“Try me”


“I can’t”


“See there you go again, call me when the real Abby reenters your body”


I walked down the hall feeling terrible; I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to ignore Abby she’s my best friend and we never stay in a fight for long hopefully this will work out. But right now I need to find nick to see what he knows plus I need someone to talk to about all this shit, I found him at Jakes locker which is sadly beside mine but then again a good thing since I like him a lot I’m just not going to give in that easy I’m not going to be another girl he sleeps with then throws away. His longest relationship was probably 5 days.


“Hey hot stuff I knew you couldn’t resist me”


“Ewww Jake please don’t make me throw up my breakfast”


“Awwwwh come on you know you want me”


“Yeah when hell freezes over”


“Ouch come on Jenn your killing me here”


“Unfournatley you bounce back fast and I need to talk to you alone”




“Well don’t I feel un-wanted”


“You are un-wanted” I gave him my best smile just to tease him.


“Yeah I love you to babe”


I started making gagging noises Jakes smile vanished but only for a second.


“Well I’ll see you later nick”


Me and Nick walked outside and I saw Abby walking to the picnic table under the big tree facing away from the school I could tell she was crying by the way her shoulders were moving up and down that just made me feel a hundred times worse she’s not and over emotional girl I haven’t seen her cry since her dad died and that was 7 years ago.


“Okay what did you want to talk about?”



“Is she ok?” he looked so worried it was cute


“Yeah well, no”


“What do you mean no?” awwh he seemed to be getting more nervous by the minute


“I think someone’s hurting her, but I don’t know who and I’m worried about her, we actually just had a fight and I told her I wasn’t going to talk to her until she fixes the mess she’s in, I know it sounds terrible but I can’t watch her like this anymore”


“I know I’m trying to find out who’s hurting her as well”


“Did she tell you how she broke her rib? She told me she fell down the stairs. I don’t believe it though, I believe it had something to do with the stairs but I don’t think she fell I think she was pushed”


“Wait when did she break her rib?”


“Thursday I guess because she went to the hospital of Friday”

“She told you she fell down the stairs?”




“She told me she was jumped and she never told me she broke her rib”


“She told you WHAT?”


“Yeah but why is she lying?”


“Uggh because she doesn’t open up to anyone anymore she’s to scared too, so she hides behind lies, that she can’t even keep straight anymore will you talk to her? Please”


“I’ll try”






“Please treat her right and not like those other sluts you dated in the past”


“I will”




“Yeah I promise but what are we going to do about Abby?”


“I don’t reall know because the longest I can go without talking to her is like a week, so hopefully she’ll  work this out by then”


“I’ll try talking to her and see if she tells me anything”




We both watched her walk into the school with her head down uggh I’m terrible person I want to help and I’m not I’m just making things harder.


“I think you should give Jake a chance”


“Excuse me”


He really likes you, he told me he’s liked you since 3rd grade he was just to scared to do anything about it & I can tell you like him because every time you see him you smile but quickly cover it up”


“Yeah right, he wants me for the same reason he wants any other girl all he thinks about is sex, his ego is so big I’m surprised it fits threw the door, and as for likeing me since the 3rd grade that’s the biggest lie I have ever heard. I’m not going to be another girl he tosses away when he gets bored or there not good enough in bed


“Jenn he only does that because there brainless sluts that throw themselves at him, but your different you just don’t give hime the time of day”


“So basically what your saying is he only wants what he can’t have and that the only reason he wants me”


“Jenn that’s not what I’m saying”


“Whatever, I’ll see you later nick”


“Fine but will you at least think about giving him a chance”






Uggh this was to much to deal with right now.


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