He Saved Me

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Chapter 29 (v.1)

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Submitted: September 10, 2009



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Jenn’s Pov~

When I got home I started looking for something to wear, I wish Abby was here to help me like a best friend should be but I screwed that up. Finally I decided on a jean mini skirt, a bright green long sleeved v-neck shirt with my black converse and black jacket because it was getting cold.  I got in the shower, curled my hair and did my makeup.  It was exactly 7 when I finished and I heard the door bell ring I walked down the stairs I opened the door and there was Connor grinning at me.


“Wow babe you look sexy”


I felt a little disgusted I didn’t like being called babe or baby unless it was my boyfriend the same with hot or sexy.


“Uh thanks Connor”


“Ok well let’s go”


“Where are we going?”


“That’s a surprise babe”



We got to this cute little restaurant and barely talked and when we did it was about him or something he did and he kept flirting with the waitress right in front of me. She finally left us alone after handing him a folded napkin probably with her name and number slut.


“Did you see Jake’s face when I asked you out, it was one of the funniest things I ever seen”


“How was that funny?”


“Because he looked so hurt like he actually cared about you, yeah right pathetic loser”


“So what are you saying, you just asked me out for a joke and that know on can care about me and Jake is not a loser”


“Come on Jenn that’s not what I mean and of course he’s a loser he thought he could actually beat me”


“I know I want this date to be over and I know for sure he could beat you and you know it to that’s why you pulled me in front of you because you knew he wouldn’t hurt a girl, now pay the bill and take me home”


I walked out and waited by his car he came out a few minutes later with a pissed off look on his face, I just got in the car we started driving but in the wrong direction.


“Connor my house is the other way”


“I know I’m taking you somewhere to make up for what I said” he smiled cockily at me.


“Honestly Connor just take me home”




“God damn it Connor just take me home”


“I just said no” he snapped.


I was starting to get a bit scared, I was to afraid to speak he had this weird look in his eye’s, after about an hour he stopped at this old dirt road that no body uses.


“Ok Connor what the hell are you doing here”


He just smiled and all of a sudden my seat was going back in a laying position and he was on top of me kissing me I pulled away.


“Connor stop what the hell are you doing”


“Getting what I want”


He pushed his body against mine with all his weight on top of me, holy shit he was heavy he forced his tongue into my mouth then one hand slipped up my shirt to touch my boob and the other up my skirt and started pulling down my underwear I pushed him off of me so hard he hit the dash.


“What the fuck”


“What the hell you perv take me home”


“I’m not taking you home till I get what I want so it’ either this or you walk all the way home”


“Your disgusting if you think I’m going to screw you for a drive, id rather walk”


“Good get out”


He pushed me out the door and drove off.


I started walking home thinking that this couldn’t get any worse then it started raining correction it started to pour the rain was coming down so hard and fast I could barely see a thing the wind picked up and was blowing my hair everywhere and making it so much colder then it already was.  I wish I brought my cell phone so I could call a taxi.  I heard a car coming and thought yes I could get a ride until I realized that it was very unlikely for it to be someone I knew and there’s no way I’m getting in a car with strangers the car pulled up beside me.


“Do you need a ride?”




“Oh my god Jenn what the hell are you doing out here, get in”


“Thank you so much” I said while shivering Jake noticed and turned up the heat.


“No problem so what the hell are you doing out here”


Just as he said that lightning lit up the sky and thunder boomed, I yelped I hated storms ever since I was a kid Jake looked at me like I was crazy.


“Sorry I just don’t like storms and I’m way out here because of Connor”


I didn’t want to tell him everything because he would probably laugh at me and be a ass about it.


“Well where’s Connor? Why were you walking home? What did he do to you?” he sounded so concerned.


“Well Connor left me out here to walk home. It started because we got into a fight about you and the way he said it was funny when he asked me out because you looked hurt and like you actually cared about me so I got mad and told him to pay the bill and take me home but he took me out here to some dirt road and got on top of me and started kissing me before I could react I told him to stop but he wouldn’t then he squeezed my boob and slid his hand up my skirt to try and take of my underwear but I stopped him and yelled at him and told him to take me home but he said he wouldn’t until he got what he wanted and said it was either screw him or walk home so I told him I’d walk and he pushed me out of his car.


I looked at Jake who was gripping the steering wheel so tight his knuckles turned white and I thought he was going to break it.


“I’m going to kick his ass the next time I see him”


“Jake is there a cheap hotel around here I don’t feel safe driving home when you can barely see a thing”


“Yeah there’s one not to far back”


We got there quickly and Jake paid for the room much to my protest as we were walking to our room the guy at the desk yelled to us we turned around and he threw a condom at me.


“Use protection”


Jake dragged me away before I could yell at the guy. When we walked into the room I noticed there was only one bed and a couch.


“If you want I’ll sleep on the couch”


“Jake there is no way in hell I’m going to let you sleep on the couch


“And there’s no way I’m letting you sleep on the couch”


“Fine we can share the bed”


“Honestly Jenn I don’t mind sleeping on the couch”


“Jake honestly we’ll share the bed”


“Alright you need to go shower before you freeze to death and here’s something dry for you to wear’


He took of his shirt and handed it to me oh my god he has a gorgeous body and 6 pack abs.


“Don’t drool now Jenn”


And of course he had to ruin the moment.


“HA ha very funny” I said while walking away.  I took a nice hot shower to warm me up and just as I was about to get up the power went out I screamed then I heard a thump.


“Jenn are you ok?”


“Yeah I’m fine the sudden darkness scared me”


“Alright good to know”


 I got out and felt around for my bra and underwear then Jake’s t-shirt that smelled delicious like him and could tell that it just covered my ass. I opened the door and started walking to where I hoped the bed was I tripped over something that sent me flying on top of Jake.




I rolled to the other side of the bed quickly.



“Shit Jake I’m so sorry are you ok?”


“Jenn I’m fine you didn’t hurt me”


“Are you sure”


“Yes I’m sure”


I turned to face him and yelped as the thunder clapped really loud.


“Jenn calm down everything’s ok, I’m here”


He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his chest.






“Can I kiss you?”


“Yes” I whispered and at that moment I decided to give him a chance, he tilted my chin up and pressed his lips against mine it was the sweetest kiss I ever had I saw fire works behind my eyes and felt electricity threw my body he pulled away and kissed my head.


“Get some sleep”

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