He Saved Me

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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"well you couldn't have been thinking of something good, i can tell theres something wrong""what? theres nothing wrong, and why do you ask so amny questions, are you trying to get involved with everybody elses lives because yours is so boring""sorry for asking i was only trying to help, and i do not get involved with everybody's lives, and my life may be boring but at least i'm going to get and education and have friends that like me for me i don't have to impress them or dumb mmy slef down"I guess i'm very short tempered and wasn't over what she said before because the next thing i done was flip over my desk, she screamed and ran to the farthest corner of the classroom she looked so scared and pale , i got mad at myself for scaring her so bad i started to through her stuff around then i ran out of the school without looking back, but i still couldn't get the image of her out of my head.Abbys pov~~ what the hell is wrong with him, i got so scared i ran to the farthest corner of the class and watched him through my stuff around. I though he was going to hit me but he just ran out off the classroom. I sank down in the corner holding my stomach so i wouldn't through up i could barely breathe and i was trying to hold back my tears i had to calm myself down but then the flashback of last night poped into my head.Flashback: i was in my room doing my homework when i heard kert my stepfather stumble in, oh fuck, please god please don't let him hurt me i was praying when he came into my room."hey whore" he slurred i ingnored him he came over and grabbed me by the hair i cried out in pain, he threw me to the floor and started kicking me in the ribs and stomach and punching and slapping me all over.i tried to tell me mom but she never believed me she always thought i was making it up because i missed my father, plus she works all day until late at night. I pulled out my cell and checked the time it was 4:00 i got up grabbed my stuff and nicks math binder fixed the desk and walked home. I was making super when kert walked in from work earlier then he normaly did he came over and punched me in the face i fell to the ground, i was trying to fight back so it wouldn't be as bad this time but he was just so much more stronger he kept kicking me in the ribs annd stomach i cried in pain i thought it was over but we walked over to the door and grabbed a baseball bat oh my god how much pain was he going to put me throughhe hit me in the stomach, ribs, legs after what seemed like forever he stopped and dragged me up stairs to my room and left, i got up on my knee's and crawled to the shower and just let the hot water pour over me wasing away the blood. I got out and checked the damage my whole stomach was black and blue along with my ribs, my eyes and cheeks were swollen and covered in bruises, my arms had his finger prints bruised into my arms it hurt to walk so i had a bit of a limp, i put on my pj's and went to sleep what seemed like two mintures was actually eight hours i got up which hurt so much and put on my cover up, a black hoodie that was five sizes to big for me and gray loose sweat pants it was 8:30 so i went downstairs grabbed an apple and walked to school. When i got there nicks friends were all by my locker because his was right beside mine, i had to get my science book."uh could you guys move" they just kept talking and laughing so i said it louderthey just looked at me with disgust and went back to what they were doing, so i just pushed my way through them." now that wasn't very nice" jake said while nudging my ribs i yelped in pain & held my ribs. nick was beside me in an instant."Abby what happened to your ribs?" oh sit "uh nothing i'm fine, just forget it" i gave him his math book then got my science bok and walked away. i was really early the teacher wasn't even there yet so i sat down and laid my head on the desk and tried not to concentrate on the pain, a second later someone walked in i looked up slightly it was nick i looked back down, he came and sat beside me."Abby what happened to you?, your walking weird""its nothing i'm fine ok and why do you care?""its not nothing and i don't know""well you don't tell me anything so..."I got up and was about to go buy a bottle of water but nick grabbed my arm hard it shouldn't have hurt me, but he had me right by a bruise."please tell me""Oooowwww nick let go your hurting me" it took all i had not to cry.Nicks pov~~i could tell she was hurt and i needed to know why. wait i gotta stop this i'm going out with nicole not abby and were so diffrent we can't even be friends, i followed her anyway i saw her in the class room with her head down and she was breathing really hard i went to sit beside her, i kept asking her what happened but she never told me i guess i deserve that because i don't tell her anything. She got up to leave i grabbed her arm tight enough so she wouldn't be able to get away but not tight enough to hurt anybody but it hurt her i could see tears coming to her eyes i slid my hand down to her wrist and started pulling up her sweater sleve as she struggled to get out of my grip, there were bruises all up her arm and you could see where someones finger prints bruised into her arm i couldn't believe what i was seeing i looked at her other arm and it was the same thing i couldn't believe it, who would do something like this to her?."w-what happened?""uh its n-nothing" i heard her voice crack i couldn't help but pull her into a hug, she hugged me back tightly i could feel her shaking and crying, i kissed the top of her head, oh my god why did i do that she is gonna think i'm some creep i can't help but think how perfect it feells having her in my arms. She pulled away and put her hood up and wiped her eyes and started walking away, i pulled her back and looked at her face she must have had cover up on because all you could see was her bruised face, she saw the look on my face she started running away from me , i tried to catch up to her but she was just to fast and went into the girls bathroom.

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