He Saved Me

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Chapter 35 (v.1)

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Submitted: October 17, 2009



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Nicks pov~

My room was a mess when Abby finished, but she found what she was looking for.


“Thanks for lying to me nick”


“Abby a lot of that I forgot I had & I’m sorry”


“I think we should talk to your dad and brother about getting you help & plus winter break is about a month away, and I can help you more then”


“I don’t want any body else’s help, I only want yours”


“Nick I know that I said that I would help you but I can’t, I don’t know what to do you need professional help, I just can’t do it”



“So much for you keeping your promise”


“Nick that’s not fair I want to help, I’m going to help as much as I can but I still have school to focus on, so mostly I’ll be able to help on weekend, but you got to have the will power to get better”


“So school is more important then I am” I snapped.


“Well I’m sorry nick that I want a good paying job & good life for my kids”


She grabbed her clothes and went to change, ughhh I didn’t mean it like that I just uggh.


“Abby I didn’t mean it like that, I want help I do, but I’m scared to get anybody else’s help, Abby I don’t want to go to rehab by myself , please Abby talk to me”


She came out of the bathroom looking pissed off.


“Nick you need help and I’m going to help you as much as I can, but your going to need professional help”


“Ok fine lets talk to my dad and brother”


John’s pov~

“Dad” I heard nick shout.


“In the kitchen”


Nick & Abby came in looking a little scared.


“We need to talk to you and Jason”


I looked at Jason and could tell he was thinking the same thing I was.


“Nick please tell me Abby’s not pregnant”


They both looked shocked.


“Woah, sir, I am defiantly not pregnant and I don’t plan on getting pregnant for along time.”


I let out a huge sigh of relief thank god.


“Thank god, Abby you can call me John not sir”




“So what did you want to talk about?”


Nick looked at Abby for what looked like reassurance, she nodded at him.


“Dad I need professional help because of the drugs I’ve been taking”


I knew he’d been taking drugs, & I knew it was my fault, I should have helped him before it got this far.


“So you want to go to rehab”


“No I was wondering if someone could come here and help me, and I could take my courses online & Abby could help with that.”


“I don’t know if someone will do that, but I’ll see what I can do, if I can’t get someone to come here your going to have to go to rehab.”


“I know”


“Well I’ll go make some calls”


Laura* Hello

John* Hey baby do you think you could get the soonest flight here?

Laura* I should be able to why?

John* we need you here, there’s something I didn’t tell you, Nick got into drugs while you been gone, but he met a nice girl who’s changing him and he wants to get clean, I’m trying to find someone who will come here and help him instead of him going to rehab


I heard her start crying damn I really am messing up there lives I promised I would never do anything to hurt my family and I ended up tearing them apart luckily I got them together and now I got Laura crying and she’s probably thinking twice about coming home now.


Laura* My baby got into drugs John how could you let him do something like that, you’re his father your suppose to be there for him.  I know someone who works at rehab center.


John* I know baby I’m sorry It’s just after you left I got even worse and i’m sorry if I could take it back I would.


Laura* I know I’ll see you soon love you.


John* love you too.


I came back down stairs.


“I got some good news your mom is getting the soonest flight here and she’s going to see if here friend that works at a rehab center will come help.”


“Thank’s dad I’m sorry”


“Nick you have nothing to be sorry for, I’m the one that’s sorry”


“Well me and Abby are going to watch movies.”

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