He Saved Me

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Chapter 37 (v.1)

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Submitted: October 20, 2009



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Abby’s pov~

Me and Nick cleaned up his room that I destroyed, then cuddled up on the bed watching movies.  I couldn’t help but think about my future all I could see was Nick & I watching our kids play and me pregnant with Nicks arms wrapped around me, I was starting to fall for Nick.


“What are you thinking about?”






“The future”


“What do you see?”


“I see a lot of things”


I looked up at Nick and saw the curiosity in his eyes, so I kissed him before he could ask anymore questions, I couldn’t tell him not yet I didn’t want to freak him out.  The kiss kept getting more intense until my phone rang”



Susan* Hello baby girl, when are you coming home?

Me*Do I have to be home now, is something wrong?

Susan* know I was just wondering if you had your keys because your father is taking me out and I don’t know what time we’ll be back.

Me*He’s not my father and yes I have my keys.

Susan* Abby look you’ve got to give Kert a chance-

Me*No mom he is not my father, he never will be, no one can replace him.


I hung up the phone and turned away from nick, I was pissed how could she say something like that to me, its like my father never existed  like she forgot all about him the man she used to love, well I didn’t forget, that horrible disgusting man would never be my father not even close. I felt Nicks arms wrap around me and pull me against him.




“How could she Nick, how dare she call him my father, its like she forgot all about my dad, how could she I never seen two people more in love in my entire life, its like she wants me to replace my dad with Kert Nick I can’t do that”


“I know baby, I know its wrong but you have to calm down, your getting to worked up”


I nodded and buried my head in his chest and concentrated on slowing down my breathing while Nick rocked me back and forth like a child and it worked because it was my dad use to do when I got upset.


“You ok now baby?”


“Yeah I’m fine, do you want to go out to eat, get some junk food and movies and come back here and watch them?”


“Yeah sounds good”


“Ok I’m driving”


“No Abby I never let anyone drive my car”


Correction you already let me drive your car”


“What when did I let you do that”


“At Jake’s party when you, Nicole and Jenn were drunk off your asses.”


“It was you”


“Yeah so your letting me drive your car”




I looked up at him with the most sweetest innocent face I could.




“Argh that’s not fair, how does that not work on you”


“Iunno I’m cool like that”


“Keep telling yourself that”


“Your mean”


We went to the best pizza place in town then went to get the junk food then the movie store.  I saw Nick tense up when we pulled into the parking lot and he saw he is old friends smoking joints.


“You gonna be ok?”




We both got out of the car and he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer, ok noting bad is going to happen, nothing bad is going to happen, nothing bad is going to happen.


“Omg Nick you let her drive you car, you never let me drive the car” Nicole sneered.


“So, I just told you anything to get you into bed, I didn’t have to let you drive me car.


I swear I saw tears well up in her eyes.


“Come on Nick lets go”


“Come on Nick lets go” the boys mocked.


I felt Nick getting mad so I pulled him into the store with me.


“Are you ok?”


“Yeah I’m fine”


“Don’t let them get to you baby”


I grabbed the notebook, she’s the man. Game plan, fighting, fast & furious and the terminator. We paid for the movies then started to walk to the car when this big orange haired guy grabbed Nick and pulled him back.


“You need that fix yet”


“No” Nick said threw gritted teeth.


“Look your going to need them sometime and what’s the deal with miss perfect like honestly are you banging her now.  Hey sweet heart when you get bored of him come to me and I’ll show you a good time”


Nick was so mad you could almost see smokle coming from his ears I grabbed his hand and started dragging Nick to the car.


“Awwh wait a minute sweetie, aren’t you suppose to be smart?, what the hell are you doing with him? He’s just going to use you till he gets you in bed, so what I’m, still trying to figure out is why you with him, oh never mind I forgot you never had a boyfriend so your just with Nick to see what its like, you are pretty sexy though”


He pulled me tightly against him and started to lean in to kiss me, I tried to squirm away when all of a sudden he was ripped off and nick was beating the crap out of him.


“You ever touch her again, I’ll break your neck”


Nick grabbed my hand and led me to the car.





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