He Saved Me

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Submitted: June 10, 2009



Abby's pov~~I felt so safe in nicks arms like no one and nothing could ever hurt me again then he kissed my head i realized this is wrong he could hurt me just as easily as kert could and i can't drag him into the mess thats called my life he could get hurt. I pulled away from him put my hood up and wiped my eyes i tired to walk away but he pulled me back again and looked at my face i guess i cried off the cover up because he looked at me with horror i took off running ingnoring the pain in my ribs and legs begging me to stop i ran into the girls bathroom and started puting the cover up back on and making sure it was perfect so you wouldn't be able to see the bruises.Nicks pov~~I was knocking on the bathroom door begging her to come out but she refused."abby please come out""would you just leave me alone and go away"fine if she wasn't going to come out i'll just have to go in, i walked in and surprised that it was just me and abby in the bathroom, i pulled out my cell to check the time well class already started so i guess that explains why theres no one else here."abby please tell me what happend""why can't you just forget it?"" how can i forget something like this? your a mess" i growled at her "fine i was jumped yesterday on my way home from school""what by who??""i don't know i didn't see there faces... can we get back to class now ??"Abby's pov~~"nick??""yeah?""why do you care so much about what happened?""uh well uh who wouldn't if they saw what a mess you are""oh""why?""because you hate me and then all of a sudden your just start caring and hugging me""yeah about that it never happened""ahaha whatever"we walked into class late of course thanks to nick."ahh miss. moore & mr. macleod, how nice of you to finally join us whats your excuse??"he practically yelled i jumped a bit, god i hated him."uh i went to the washroom""mhm i'm sure start copying the notes on the board down"i qucikly walked back to my seat and started copyingg while nick stared of into space.Nicks pov~~ "why do you care so much?"wow that caught me off guard, shit i have to think of something. i'm not just going to go because i love you and i can't sleep at night because i'm up wondering if your ok, wow did i just think that?"uh wel uh who wouldn't if they saw what a mess you are ""oh" hmm she sounded disapointed i wonder why she wants to know ?"why?""because you hate me and then all of a sudden your caring and hugging me"I could tell that hurt her feelings a bit, but if i was friends with her or went out with her i would be a luaghing stock of the school even though she is gorgeous and nice , i was about to say sorry but she walked into the class and of course as soon as we walked in mr.dickhead starts shouting i saw abby jump back a little which really pissed me off i felt like holding her because since i hugged her its like i have to have her in my arms. OH BOY THIS ISNT GOOODAbbys pov~~ouch when he said the hug never happened i didn't expect it to hurt like that, man i can't concentrate all i can think about was today and last night, i think he brooke my ribs i have to skip to go get them checked. The class dinally eneded and i rushed out well sorta , i threw my stuff in my locker and noticed nick and his friends looking at me and talking loudly."jeez its no wonder she don't have a boyfriend shes so so ugly and fat"ouch kick me why i'm down why don't ya i looked at them from the corner of my eye and saw nick laughing the hardest ouch, one of the guys talking."she really isn't that bad i mean if she stop wearing the those baggy sweaters and sweat pants and showed of her curves even though she is fat shes fine""ewww" all the girls sguealed"maybe shes a lesbian (no offense to anyone who is)" another girl said and everybody gasped, oh my god i'm right here i swear they have no brains."no i think shes just to fat i mean what guy wants to deal with a load like that" nick said i looked over at them "ok since you's are clearly fucking brain dead i am right here and i can hear everything your saying so heres a tip for you , learn to whisper , and i may be fat and ugly but i rather be that then a skinny little whore any day"they just stood there with there mouths hanging open, i turned to leave but the queen of bitches and nicks girlfriendgrabbed my arm right by a bruise."let go of me ""no i have something to say to you ska-" i cut her off my punching her in the face oh my god did i really just do that shit this isn't going to be good she fell to the ground her nose was pouring blood she got back up and tried to slap me but i ducked and she ended up smacking the lockers, i punched her again this time she slapped me o shit don't cry don't cry. The boys were cheering well except for nick he was trying to get through to break it upi pushed her into a locker."Don't ever touch me again got it?" she didn't answer so i pushed her again "yes i get it now leave me alone""gladly"god since when was i this violent, i walked towards the exit with a smile on my face when i got outside i felt good i pulled out my cell and called a taxi and waited in the school parking lot. Someone grabbed my shoulder i jumped and let out a yelp,i turned to see who it was and it was nick i looked away."what the hell was that, why couldn't you just let it go??"i didn't say anything i just looked arounf for the taxibut with my luck of course it wasn't there, nick grabbed my chin not in the gentle way and made me look at him."answer me" pretty i pushed his hand away "don't touch me" i spat i saw the taxi and went to get in it but nick grabbed my wrist."where the hell do you think your going?"i got out of his grasp and got in the taxi. The drive to the hospital was awkward and silent we finally got there i paid the driver. As i was walking to the entrance my phone started vibrateing*****new text message*****Unknown number hey where are you? your suppose to be helping me with this school stuff. -nickhow the hell did he get my number? oh well i was so not replying to that ass hole, i turned my phone off and walked up to the desk and told them i fell down the stairs & that my ribs might be broken of just badly bruised. I was surprised when they took me in right away an luckily i had a woman doctor."okay it seems like you took a tumble down some stairs is that correct" jeez shes talking to me like i'm four"yeah""and you think you brooke a rib?""yess""well pull your shirt up so i can see your ribs"i forgot about my whole stomach being a bruise and my ribs, the doctor looked disgusted."you didn't really fall down the stairs did you??" o shit"yes i did i just bruise really easy""well you must ave taken qquite the fall there very bruised and swollen "she pushed on my ribs and i let out a yelp of pain and she quickly stopped, then she did it on the left side which didn't hurt that much."well were going to have to take you to x-ray"

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