He Saved Me

Book by: xxxbasketballgirlxxx


read and find out lol ****FINSHED:)*****

Chapter42 (v.1)

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 06, 2009

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 06, 2009



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Jenn’s pov~



“What do you want”


“Look I’m sorry, I thought it would make you tell me what was going on it was stupid”


“You bet it was, oh and you don’t have to know everything that’s going on in my life & should have believed me when I said nothing was going on, so I think you’re the one with trust issues bud”


“Abby please I’m sorry I know I should have believed you I’m just worried about you please can we just get over this.




“Eek, I love you abb’s”


“I love you to Jenny- bear”


“I missed you”


“I missed you too”


“So how was your date with Connor?”


“How did you know about that?”


“Nick told me, so how was it?”


Just then the bell rang.


“I want the all details after class”


“Ok I want all the details about you and Nick”


I started walking to history when someone stepped in front of me.


“Look babe I was a little bit hasty the other night and I’m sorry its just that I really like you and you defending Jake just upset me”


By now the halls wee deserted.


“Look Connor don’t talk to me and stay away from me”


I said while trying to walk around him, he grabbed my waist and pinned me against the lockers.


“Come on babe don’t be like that”


“Get your hands off me; I’m going out with Jake”


“What? You little whore, you know that loser is never going to be able to treat you the way I can”


He tried to get his hands under my shirt while trying to kiss me, I pushed him away.


“You little bitch your going to regret that”


I started running but he caught up to me quickly and tackled me then covered my mouth before I could scream, I started struggling to get away but he was to strong.


“Now listen here Jenn, I get what I want so were going to my car and your not going to make a scene”


“Get the fuck of my girl”


Connor was ripped off me before I could blink.  Jake started beating the crap out of him.


“Don’t ever touch her again”


Jake helped me off the floor and hugged me while Connor ran away.


“Baby are you ok?”




“I’m sorry I should have been there to walk you to class”


“Jake its not your fault and come on we got to get to class were so late”

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He Saved Me

Status: Finished

Genre: Other



Status: Finished

Genre: Other



read and find out lol ****FINSHED:)*****
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