He Saved Me

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Chapter 55 (v.1)

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Submitted: December 20, 2009



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Jake’s pov~

I never slept at all last night; I’ve never been more anxious and nervous in my life. My mom was pissed when she first found out but she got over it and I kind of think she wants the baby to be mine the other day I caught her looking at stuff for the baby’s room.  It was 7:30 and I knew I wasn’t going to get any sleep so I got up and went down stairs and my mom was in the kitchen making breakfast, I kissed her cheek and got a cup of coffee.


“So are you nervous about today?”




“It’s not so bad, but it’s a lot of work”


 “I know mom, but the baby might not be mine”


“Your right, so how are things with you and Jenn?”

She asked while setting a plate of eggs and pancakes.


“Things with Jenn are great”


“Are you guys being careful?”


I started to choke a bit.  “Excuse me?”


“Jake I have to know, If the baby is your’s , I don’t want another one running around”


“Woah mom slow down, and yes were being careful so please don’t bring it up again”


“Thank god and I won’t”


“Well I’m going to shower and pick up Jenn”


“Alright baby boy”


I got in the shower and was in there till the water ran cold, I got out and got dressed and drove to Jenn’s house, by the time I got there it was 9:00.


“Hey baby you ok you look kind of pale, and like you didn’t sleep at all”


“It’s really sinking in that I could be a dad”


“It’s going to be ok; Jake I’m with you every step of the way”


“I love you”


“I love you too”


When we finally got there I didn’t want to get out of my truck.  Jenn walked around and opened my door for me.


“Come on you have to see if the baby’s yours…. Jake Markus Taylor I mean it”


“Ok your right”


We went inside and sat down and waited for Alicia to get here.  I was twiddling my fingers while waiting, Jenn laced her hand with mine and gently squeezed I brought our hands up and kissed the back of hers.  After what seemed like years Alicia finally walked in with a little baby girl dressed in pink, the baby was screaming and crying, she walked over to us.


“Alicia is ok, why is crying like that?”


“Jake baby’s cry and this won’t just doesn’t stop” she said getting frustrated.


“Well did you feed her?”




“Change her?”




“Burp her”


“Yes Jake god damn it, I did everything she won’t stop”


“Jeez calm the fuck down”


I picked the baby up gently and cradled her in my arms making sure to support her head, she immediately stop crying and looked up at me with the same blue eyes that I had, I looked up at Jenn and Alicia both looked shocked that she stop crying so quickly.


“What’s her name?”


“I didn’t name her, if your her father you can and if your not then the family that adopts her can”


I just rolled my eyes at her and looked down at the baby girl in my arms, she sneezed making both of us jump, her bottom lip started to tremble.


“Shh, gorgeous it was just a sneeze”


We were called in and they did everything they needed to do, and then were back out waiting for the results, while the baby was sleeping in my arms and I was thinking over names.  We were called into the man’s office.


“Congratulations Mr. Taylor the baby’s yours”






Alicia shoved the baby’s stuff at me and walked out of the office, Jenn glaring at her the whole time.


“Alicia wait”


“What do you want Jake? I’m not taking that baby back”


“You really don’t wan to be in her life?”


“No, I don’t and your lucky I didn’t abort her”


“Your such a bitch, if you ever change your mind, don’t comeback”


She scoffed and rolled her eyes.


“Don’t worry I’ll never want to be in that things life”


“Don’t call my daughter a thing”




She walked away hopefully she’ll be out of our lives for good.


“God she’s such a bitch, Jake what are we going to name the baby”


“Well I was thinking Emma Marie Taylor”


“I love it and I love you”

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