He Saved Me

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: June 11, 2009



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We got the x-rays back and sure enough my middle rib on the right side was broken. The doctor wrapped them up and told me take it easy and not to worry because my broken rib was in between to strong ones. Yeah don’t worry; yeah right all I’m going to be worrying about is Kert breaking the other two. I got another taxi and went to get my stuff from school, I paid the taxi driver and to see if the school doors were open and they were, I went to my locker and grabbed my stuff then from out of no where Nick appears.

“Where the hell were you? Your suppose to be teaching me how to do this stuff”

“Look nick it’s not my job to baby sit you and from what I saw yesterday you don’t need my help”

”Why are you so mad at me?”

“Hmmm lets think maybe because you and ass hole so just stay away from me, don’t look at me, don’t touch me, don’t even breathe in my direction, oh and fine some else to help you”


“Abby wait”

I started walking faster but he grabbed my wrist. Jeez he seems to be doing this a lot lately.

“Why do you keep running away from things?”

“I don’t “

Nicks pov~~

“Well then please let me explain”

I gave her the puppy dog face which made any girl do anything I wanted, but Abby started laughing that’s the first time I ever got this reaction.

“What’s so funny??” She stopped laughing.

“You don’t need to explain anything to me I get it, the only time you ever treat me with respect is whenever your loser friends aren’t around and it’s just you and me. I get that you’re ashamed to be seen with me because apparently I’m the biggest loser ever when I’m really not I just don’t care what people think of me. Oh and the puppy dog face doesn’t work on me it was quite funny though”

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open trying to process what she just said, she started walking away I couldn’t let her, I didn’t want her to get jumped again, I grabbed her wrist but she pulled away so I grabbed her waist and turned her to face me.

“Nick let go of me”

“No just let me dri-“

“Get your hands of me” she got my hands off her and was about to run but I grabbed her waist again tighter this time so she wouldn’t be able to get away.

“Please le-“ I was cut off my her fist hitting my jaw.

Abby’s pov~~

I almost screamed in pain as nick grabbed my waist tighter this time so I wouldn’t be able to get away, he had his hand on a bruise.

“Please le-“

I punched him the jaw and took off running ignoring the pain shooting up my legs and ribs, it would be nothing compared to the pain I’d feel if nick caught me. When I realized where I was running to I got really scared I was running towards Jenn’s my best friends house who lives on the same street as nick.

Nicks pov~~

Wtf is her problem I was only going to drive her home, I really don’t think she was jumped now, there’s someone hurting her but who a secret boyfriend someone at home? I got in my car and started looking for her I realized she was probably home by now so I decide to go home as soon as I got to my street I saw someone running and I instantly knew who it was I sped up beside them and rolled the window down.

“Abby” she looked over at me then looked away.

“Abby what the hell was that back there? I’m starting to think you didn’t get jumped”

“Nick you can think whatever you want”

“Will you please get in the car I’ll drive you where ever you’re going”

“No, not after I saw what a temper you have, god knows what you’ll do to me”

She thought I was going to hurt her shit why do I have to be such an idiot and this just proves someone is hurting her.

“Abby no matter how mad I got I would never hurt you”

“Ahaha yeah right I don’t trust you”

I watched her run up Jenn’s drive way well at least I know she’ll be safe.

Abby’s pov~~

God I love punching people today, I can’t believe what I did he could kill me, I had to get to Jenn’s I really need her right now, man I wish there was someone I could tell about what’s going on but nobody will believe me, my own mother doesn’t believe me, I could always go to the police or tell Nick & Jenn but then all Kert’s threats popped into my head.

“You ever try and tell people again, I kill your mother, all of your friends and I’ll make you watch and then I’ll kill you and I’ll make it slow and painful death”

I was deep in thought when a car pulled up beside me.

“Abby” I looked over it was Nick OH SHIT, I looked away quickly. Oh god what’s he going to do to me I can’t take anymore pain, maybe I can convince him not to hurt me.

“Abby what the hell was that back there? I’m starting to think you didn’t get jumped”

“Nick you can think whatever you want”

“Will you please get in the car I’ll drive you where ever you’re going”

“No, not after I saw what a temper you have, god knows what you’ll do to me”

“Abby no matter how mad I got I would never hurt you”

“Ahaha yeah right I don’t trust you”

I ran up Jenn’s drive away trying to figure out what he meant by: no matter how mad I got I would never hurt you. NO Abby don’t fall for it he’s a very good actor he’ll just break you and your not strong enough to deal with anymore pain. I started pounding on Jenn’s door.

“Yeah hold on I’ coming”

“Hey Abby where were you all afternoon”

“Can I come in?”

“Of course you can but you still didn’t answer my question”

“I went to the hospital”

“What why? Are you ok? I mea-“ I cut her off

“I’m fine I fell down some stairs yesterday and really hurt my ribs so I went to get them checked and I broke my middle one”

“Oh my god”


“I also saw nick chasing after you today he looked worried?”

“Uhm yeah Jake hit my ribs and I kinda freaked and he wanted to know what happened”

“uggh want me to beat the kid for you I can stand him and I think Nick is starting to like you”

“No I don’t want you to beat Jake he didn’t know my ribs hurt and I know you don’t like him you remind me every day at least twice and there is know way that nick likes me were totally and completely different we can’t even be friends… and if I didn’t know better myself I think you like Jake”

“Sometimes different is better and I don not like Jake”

“Mhm that’s why you’re blushing”

“WHAT” she shouted running over to check the mirror to see that she was beat red.


“Ugggh damn blush, so anyway do you want to stay the weekend??”

“uhm sure I’ll ask”



“Hi Kert is it ok if I spend the weekend at Jenn’s?”

“You’re trying to run aren’t you, your trying to tell people so they will through me in jail, you little bitch just remember what will happen if you do”

“No I swear I’m not, and yes I remember what you said, she just asked me to stay the weekend”

“Fine but just wait till you come back”


I walked back into the living room where Jenn was watching some scary movie I sat down beside her.

“Abb’s you okay you look like you saw a ghost”

“Yeah I’m fine I just have a headache that’s all”

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