He Saved Me

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Chapter 62 (v.1)

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Submitted: December 22, 2009



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Jenn’s pov~

I drove as quickly as I could to Abby’s and when I got there I noticed her car was the only one in the drive, I ran into her house.




There was no answer, I ran upstairs to her room and the door was locked.


“Abby open up please” I said while pounding on the door.


When she opened the door I couldn’t help but gasp, she looked so broken and defeated, her eyes lost there normal sparkle and were red and swollen, and she had tear stains on her face along with last nights make up.


“Abby what happened?”


“Nick” she whispered even her voice sounded broken and defeated.


“What did he do?”


“He cheated on me with Nicole”


“What who told you that”


“Know one, I saw him with my own eyes and got sent a picture”


I walked over to her phone and looked at the picture, I felt anger over whelming me.


“That dick”


I sat down on the floor beside and held her as she sobbed into my chest.


“Jenn what am I going to do, he was my everything, I gave him everything I had, and the worst thing is, I knew since day one he was only going to hurt me but I ignored it hoping he would be different”


“Shh sweetie, he’s not worth your tears , now here’s what your going to do, your going to get up off this floor, and take a long hot shower and when your done, change into your most comfortable sweats and baggy t-shirt and were going to watch every movie you own while pigging out on junk food” I pulled her to her feet.


“I don’t have any junk food” she mumbled.


“That’s ok, I’ll go buy some”


She just nodded and walked into the bathroom, I ran out quickly not wanting to leave her alone for to long. I grabbed my cell and called Jake.


Jake* hey babe everything ok with Abby?


Jenn* no Abby’s a mess thanks to Nick so if you see that asshole kick his ass for me because If I see him I’m going to and if I see his car I’m going to put a rock through his windshield.


Jake* woah babe calm down, what did he do?

Jen* he cheated on Abby with Nicole, Abby saw them and she also got a picture sent to her.


Jake*Are you serious?


Jenn* yes, I don’t think I’m going to be home tonight, she needs me and I don’t want to leave her alone.


Jake* no of course no, I’ll talk to nick and see what he was thinking.


Jenn*Alright I have to go, I love you.


Jake* I love you too.


I pulled into the store and grabbed chips, Ice cream, pop and even cake icing. I got out of there quickly and drove back to Abby’s, I went into the kitchen grabbing some cups, spoons, then went into the living room and grabbed all the dvds that were in there and went up to her room and got her favorite movie set up.  When she came out of the bathroom she looked a bit better, all the make up was gone and he eye’s were still a bit red and puffy, and she still looked broken.


“I don’t feel like eating” she mumbled.


“You have to eat, plus it’s all your favorite stuff”




This was going to be a long day, when she upset and she’s finished crying she get’s pissed we settled in for her favorite movie and not even five minutes in she was asleep.

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