He Saved Me

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Chapter 63 (v.1)

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Submitted: December 22, 2009



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Nick’s pov~

She still wasn’t answering her phone, so I decided to go over to Jakes, and give Abby some more time before I dropped by begging Abby to listen to me and take me back. I got to Jakes and Knocked on the door and his mom answered.


“Hello Nick”


“Hi Stella, is Jake home?”


“Yeah he’s in his room”


“Alright thanks”


I jogged up the stairs and found Jakes rocking a baby in his arms.  He shushed me before I could say anything, soon enough the baby was asleep, Jake laid the baby gently in her crib, grabbed a baby monitor and hooked it to his pants and pointed t the door, we both walked out.


“Dude the baby’s your’s?’


“Yes Emma’s mine, and what the hell is wrong with you?”


“What do you mean?”


“You know exactly what I mean, how could you cheat on Abby with Nicole.” I groaned.


“I didn’t cheat on her, we went to the party last night and after we danced I went to get us some drinks and when I was going back to Abby, Nicole stopped me and started apologizing for the things she said and when I went to walk away she pulled her against me  and kissed me, she made it look like I was kissing her, I wouldn’t do something like that, especially to Abby, I pushed her away and went looking for Abby but I couldn’t find her anywhere in the whole house so I left and called her, but she broke up with me and made it clear that she never wanted to see me again”


“Nick there’s a lot against you right now, the picture your rep”


“You saw the picture”


“Yeah I saw it and it looks like you were kissing Nicole and you wanted it”


“So you don’t believe me?”


“How can I? I wasn’t there and I know what you were like”


“You were also my best friend, jeez thanks for the help man”


I started to walk down the stairs, great Abby doesn’t believe me, Jake doesn’t so I’m guessing Jenn doesn’t either.


“Nick wait”


“No Jake, I needed my best friend to be on my side, someone to trust me, I’m done waiting I’m going to get my girl back”


I ran out of there and slammed the door, I got in my car and drove to Abby’s and knocked on the door, The door opened and Jenn was standing there before I could speak she slapped me, and she slapped me again before I could react. She was going to again but I grabbed her hands.


“Jenn stop”


“You have a lot of nerve to show your face around here”


“Look Jenn I didn’t come here to talk to you, so get out of my way”


“Oh and you think your going to talk to Abby, Not a chance in hell buddy”


“No Jenn it’s ok”


I looked to see who was talking and it was Abby, she sounded so broken and looked the same way, my heart shattered all over again knowing that I did that.


“Are you sure Abb’s? Because I can make him leave”


“I’m sure”

Abby came out on the step and shut the door.


“I thought I told you not to come here anymore”


“Look Abby you only got one side of the story and its based on what you saw, I swear she kissed me, I would never hurt you and I would never kiss her”


“Really Nick that’s not what the picture say’s or your rep”


“Abby I-“


“You know I never thought I could feel anymore pain but you caused me more pain then I ever felt in my life, last night was like everything that made me happy was ripped away from me , I never thought I could hurt like this, you won Nick, so just stay away from me because I can’t take anymore pain. Congrats Nick you broke me, I hope your happy.”


She turned to walk away from me but I grabbed her hand and pulled her against me and kissed her, for a minute I thought she was going to give in and kiss me back but she pushed me away.


“Were over”


She gave me the ring I got her back.


“I’ll get the rest of the stuff later and drop it off.


And with that she walked away, she didn’t believe me, I drove home thinking about how I was going to get her to believe me and get her back and what I was going to do if she didn’t want me anymore.

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