He Saved Me

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Chapter 65 (v.1)

Submitted: January 14, 2010

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Submitted: January 14, 2010



Nick's pov~

I haven't talked to anyone for 3 weeks, i barely eat and sleep, i call Abby everyday and drop by but she's never there. The girl i love hates me and I don't know how i'm going to get her back. I as staring at the ceiling then the ceiling was replaced with Emma and Jake staring down at me.

"What the hell do you want"

"Well i figured that you wouldn't be this upset if you actually cheated on Abby"

"Well congrats that only took you three weeks to figure out" i spat.

"Look man i'm sorry"


"So how are you going to get her back"

"I don't know and i honestly don't think she'll take me back, its almost been a month"

"I tried talking to Jenn about it but you know how they are, stubborn as hell"

"Well you can leave now"


"you came by to tell me that you believe me and you've done that so now you can leave, i want to be alone"

"Nick i'm sorry there's nothing else i can do or say , but i'm not leaving, it smells like something died in here, dude when was the last time you got a shower you look like a hobo"

"Who cares" i said lying back down and staring at the ceiling once again, its now my new favorite pass time along with trying to get abby back.

"Honestly dude get up take a shower, shave and we'll stop and get your hair cut then you can pick her up some flowers and a box of choclates and then we'll go and see if abby will talk to you"

"I doubt it"

I go shower and shaved, then went and got everything else done. we pulled up outside her house.

"Dude i can't do this, i can't go in there everytime she ignores me and tells me were over my heart breaks all over again"

"Nick suyck iot upp, today could be your day"

we got out and walked to the door, of course Jenn answered the door amd as soon as she saw me she winced.

"Nick you can't keep doing this, you have to let her go and leave her alone"

"I can't Jenn you don't know how much its killing me, being away from her"

"Nick please leave"

"I'm not leaving until i see her"

"Nick she's sleeping"

and with that she closed the door and locked it.

"Well it was worth a try"

I started walking around the house to Abby's room, her window was open, now all i have to do is climb the tree. i climbed up into her bedroom and walked over to her bed and kneeled beside her, i moved the hair from her face and could tell she'd been crying.

"I love you baby please just give me a chance to explain, i love you"

i said as i kissed her forehead i laid the flowers and choclates beside her and grabbed a pean and a piece of paper.

My dearest Abby,

please give me a chance to explain that i didn't cheat on you and your the only person i love, you know how to reach me.

I climbed back out her window and drove Jake & Emma home, then i went home and sat by the phone waiting for abby to call but she never did.

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