He Saved Me

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Chapter 66 (v.1)

Submitted: January 14, 2010

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Submitted: January 14, 2010



Abby's pov 1 week later~

i'm on my way to the hosptail now, and i'm completly terrfied, i can't be a mom not yet, and i know nick's not ready to be a dad, if i am pregnant and i do keep the baby i would ruin everything for the both of us, i'd never get out of here and nick worked to hard to get where he is now. I'm just not mean't to be happy i guess, because as soon as i find something or somone who makes me happy they get taken away from me. I was in the waiting room and could feel my self shaking i was that nervous.

"Abby moore"

i got the tests done and they said they woud call me in a few hours with the results, i drove home and started pacing my room, cleaning my room, doing laundry, dishes, when fianlly my phone rang.


"Is this miss moore?"


"Congratulations your results cam back postive"

"Ok thank you"

omg, i had to many thoughts running through my head i couldn't think straight before i knew what i was doing, i called the abortion clinic.


"Hello i would like to make an appointment"


"Abby moore"



"How far along are you"

"A month when is the soonest you could get me in?"

"Hold on let me check that"


"Your lucky, someone cancelled so there a free appointment at 12pm tomorrow afternoo, does that work for you?"

"Yes that perfect, thank you"

"Have a nice day"

What am i doing can i really abort my own child, there was a little voice in the back of my head telling me not to this and saying this wasn't like me. If i do this my life will go back to the way it was kind of. i spent the rest of the day watching movies and eventually fell asleep, when i woke up the next morning it was 11:30.


i shot uo out of bed and threw my hair up in a messey bun, threw on a pair of jean shorts and a tank quickly washed me face and threw on some makeup. when i got there it was 2 minutes to 12 i had to sign some forms and check in.

"Your cutting it close ms.moore"

"I know"

when i was called in i was thinking about running out and never steeping foot in here again but i had to do this, the doctor gave me a pill to tak and said that my stomach might feel a bit weird but that was normal, without a second thought i took a big drink of water and swallowed the pill. my hand went to my stomach and my eyes filled up with tears, i killed my own baby, the only part of nick that i had left and i killed it because i was selfish and stupid, as i was driving home i had to pull over, i couldn't take this it was to much i started crying so hard that it was getting hard to breathe, soon there was a knocking on the passanger side window, i wiped my eyes to see who it was. it was Nick i unlocked the door we needed to talk he got in quickly.

"Abby what's wrong?"

"Oh you mean other then you taking my virginity, breaking my heart and getting me pregnant well everything's gone down hill from there"

"What yor pregnant were having a baby?"

his hand immedaitely wnet to my stomach which made the tears come back.

"No nick were not having a baby i was scared and couldn't be a mother right now and i figured you wouldn't want to be a dad right now so i got an abortion"

"You what" he got so mad about this most guys would be happy.

"I'm sorry"

"You should be, Abby how could you, you killed a poor, innocent, helpless little baby, our baby you killed a part of you and a part of me, you should be ashamed of youself, you know what i'm done trying to convince you that i love you, i don't want to hurt anymore, but you just made that my pain a thousand time worse, good bye abby"

he slamed the car door shut and ran to hsi car.

"goodbye" i whispered.

great know matter what i do i always make things worse, i stopped off at starbucks, i need something to make me feel better but first i went to the wasroom. as i was about to come out of the stall i heard Nicole and her followers talking.

"That party was the best thing ever, Abby's been moping around for the past month thinkking Nick cheated on her, i knew it was the perfect plan because with everything against him she would nevr believe him, and once nick gets over the little bitch he will realize what a mistake he made dumping me for her and then he will be begging for me to take him back"

"Gosh Nicole, that is brillaint, i would nevr be able to come up with something like that"

"way cool"

"I know i'm just blessed with good looks and brains"

"oh my god i'm such a bitch all this time nick has been trying to get me to believe him, he was telling the truth, uggh why am i so stupid, i drove home, i needed to call nick and tell him to come over so we could talk amd i would apologize for everything and begg him to forgive me, i am such an idiot how could i not figure this out, when i got home kert was waiting for me but my mom was know where to bee seen.

"Where's my mom?"

"Your aunt in flordia is sick so your mother wnet up there to help her, which is good for me because we haven't had fin in a while"

i knew exactly what he meant by that i tried to run but he grabbed my hair and threw me to the floor and then kicked me in thhe stomach, i screamed dor helo which is something i never did before but that just made things worse he jumped ontop of me and slammed my face into the floor then slapped and punched me a few times, things started to get blurry but i couldn't let him win, not this time, this had to end. i kneed him where it hurts and got up and ran for the phone and dialed 911.

"911 whats you emergency?"

"I need help my step father-" thats all i could get out before kert tackled me to the floor and and smashed the phone. i managed to get away from him and ran for my room there was one person i needed to call, i could die before the police get here. i locked my bedroom door then ran into my bathroom and locked that door. come on nick pick up your phone please come on.

"What do you want?"

"Nick i'm so sorry for everything i should have believed you , i love you, i need you to help me he's gonna hurt me again,nick i need you to call the police and tell them to come to my house"

"Abby whats going on? whos going to hurt you?"

"Don't come here just call the police"

all of sudden my door was broken threw and i was knocked to the floor i screamed as my phone was smashed.

"You stupid little bitch"

he grabbed my hair and slammed me against the wall then trew me to the floor and kept kicking me in the stomach until i sttarted coughing up blood and couldn't stop, he looked down at me with a sick smile on hsi face and laughed, with the little strength i ha dlefti kicked his feet out from under neath him and ran but he wasn't far behind, all of a sudden his hands were at my back and i was tumbling down the stairs, i heard my wrist snap, i started slipping in and out of conciousness one minture kert wasn't there and then he was standing over me with a knife, the last thing i saw before the darkness took over was the knife coming down at me.

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