He Saved Me

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Chapter 67 (v.1)

Submitted: January 15, 2010

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Submitted: January 15, 2010



Nick's pov~
The last thing i heard was her scream, i called the police immediately.

"911 whats your emergency"

"My girlfriend, she's being attacked in her home, the adress is 123 willsons street"

"Ok there on their way"

I don't care what abby told me there's no way i'm staying here while someones hurting her, i drove way past the speed limmt, i busted threw the front door and there she was brusied up and bloddy lying in a pool of blood and standing over her was kert he was about to come down with an already bloddy knife but i tackled him and knocked the knife out of his hand.  With one swing i knocked him out then ran to abby's side, she was so pale.

"Abby baby, come on open your eyes, please abby"

the police bursted in and pointed there guns at me.

"Put your hands behind your head"

i did as i was told.

"Officer it wasn't me, it was her stepfather"

they got abby in to an ambulance and the police let me go, i was following them there while calling everyone to let them know what was going on, as soon as i got there they wouldn't tell me anything so i was in the waiting room pacing the floor when my parents, jason & vanessa, jenn, jake and the baby came in, jenn ran into my arms and hugged me tightly and was crying.

"How is she? is she going to be ok?"

"I don't know how she is but she was pretty bad when i got there and i don't know they won't tell me anything"

Jenn let go and went to fry into jake, i went back to pacing.

"Bro stop, your going to wear a hole in the floor" jason said.

i gave him the shut the hell up look, after about another hour of pacing i sank down to the floor and leaned back against the wall.  what am i going to do if she doesn't make it, she's my life i can't live without her, i can barely manage when we aren't together and if she dies i'm going to be following after her after another couple hours a nurse finally came out.

"Are you guys here for Abby moore"


"Well we had to do surgery to stop the bleeding--"

"What bleeding"

"Well she was kicked in the stomach so many times that it caused internal bleeding, we also had to do surgery on her shoulder where she was stabbed, her left wrist is broken. Everything else is just badly bruised, i must tell you we lost her 3 times and at one point didn't think we were gonna get her back, once on the way here and twice in  surgery, shes a fighter thats for sure, she is breathing on her own, but i don't think she'll make it through the night"

"Can we go see her?"

"Of course"

She lead us to her room and i almost broke down, see her lying there hooked up to a heart monitor thing, her beautiful face was covered in bruises, i sat down beside her and took her good hand.

"Hey baby, you have to get better ok, the nurse already said you were a fighter, so keep on fighting , you can't leave me ok?, i love you baby more then anything"

I didn't care that everyone else was here, i just kept on talking to her and telling her how sorry i am and that everything was going to be ok and she needed to open her beautiful eyes for me, soon everyone was asleep except for me, i crawled on the bed with abby and turned on my side to face her and wraped my arm lightly across her stomach and slowly fell asleep to memories of us together when we were happy.  When i woke up Abby's mom was there and looked like she'd been crying, i looked beside me and abby was still there and i looked at the monitor.
She made it.

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