He Saved Me

Status: Finished

He Saved Me

Status: Finished

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He Saved Me

Book by: xxxbasketballgirlxxx


Genre: Other



read and find out lol ****FINSHED:)*****


read and find out lol ****FINSHED:)*****

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 19, 2009

Reads: 186

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 19, 2009



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Nicks Pov~~

“I hate feeling like this, I’m so tired of trying to fight this, I’m asleep and all I dream of is waking to you, tell me that you will listen your touch is what I’m missing, the more I hide I realize I’m slowly losing you, comatose”


“Hey babe”

“Nicole what’s up?”

“Well there’s a party tonight at Jake’s you in?”

“Of course babe”

“Kai pick me up at 6”

“Alright bye”

Well this should be fun. Wait this is a great chance to prove myself to Abby I won’t drink or take drugs. It’s a great plan but Abby never goes to parties. WOAH WOAH Nick slow down you have a girlfriend her name’s Nicole.

Abby’s Pov~~

“Hey Abb’s you want to go to a party tonight?”

“Who’s party?”


“Uhh I don’t think that’s a good idea and don’t you hate Jake??”

“Oh come on you never go to parties, and yes I hate Jake but he has awesome parties”

“Oh ok then and there’s a reason I don’t go to parties”

“You’re scared aren’t you?”

“”Pfft no, there’s just to much drinking and sex and drugs and to many girls getting taken advantage of”

“Oh come on that’s not going to happen to you”

“Fine whatever”

“Come on lets go get ready it starts at 6”

“Yes and its 4”

“But I need to shower and pick out my outfit and do my hair and makeup”

“Fine whatever”

We went upstairs to her huge bedroom, she got in the shower, and I went into her walk in closet I found light blue jeans that were loose in the legs and black long sleeved V-neck , no matter what Jenn says I’m not changing this is the only thing that will cover up the bruises, I went over to her vanity where all her makeup was, I put on black eye shadow and made my black eyeliner darker then usual and but on black mascara.

“Wow Abb’s you look H-A-W-T”

“Ahahahaha whatever”

“So help me pick out what I’m going to wear”

We walked into her closet and found a short black dress but not to short with black heels. Then I curled her hair and did her makeup with sliver/grayish eyes shadow and did her eyeliner dark but no to dark it really brought out her green eyes she looked amazing I wish I could look like her but I’m just plain nothing special about me. We started walking and I knew by the end of this party that I’ll be practically carrying her to her house, we walked into the party it was only 6:30 and people were already drunk and high I could see all nicks friends getting high and was surprised when I didn’t see him oh well probably fucking Nicole.

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