Tragedys story

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Submitted: May 14, 2010



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Tragedy’s pov~

I woke up to cold water be splashed on me but that was nothing new. I lived in the lower rentals with my mother if that’s what you could call her, her boyfriend and my sister Skye.  The house was awful with boarded up windows and looked as if the wind blew the slightest bit the house would fall down.  We barely had any money my mom’s lazy ass boy friend does nothing and she’s a hooker who spends all her money on bills and drugs and alcohol, my sister is pregnant and dropped out of school so she could work full time to save money for the baby and an apartment. 


I still went to school and worked to buy things we need like food and save up for our apartment.  I’m starting another new school today, when things get bad for my mom in whatever town we lived in she shipped us off somewhere else so we could start all over, not like I cared its not like I had any one to say goodbye to and as of the moment were living in her old town even after she swore to never come back here. I wonder how many friends I’ll make today oh wait none know one wants to be friends with a freak named Tragedy. Yes that is my real name because I am my mothers tragedy I ruined her life if she hadn’t have gotten pregnant with me in her last year of high school she would have had a scholar ship, a good job and her family instead of what he have now her parents kicked her out after she told them she was pregnant and she wouldn’t let my dad see me she left after she told him she was pregnant with me.


I really don’t know why she kept me if I ruined her life so much she could have changed that she could have gave me to my father, abortion, adoption, she didn’t have to keep me but for some unknown reason she did.


After getting ready for school I headed out it was freezing and snowing really hard of course all I had on was a winter jacket with the hood up and sneakers I really needed to get my self a pair of boots.  When I got to the school I went straight to the office and got my schedule and locker number.


“Here you go ms. Williams have a good first day”


“Thank you”


To bad everyone isn’t like her she seems nice unlike this school which seems to be mostly rich kids and at least middle classed people great.  I went to my first class and waited for the bell to ring and all the other kids come in, I hated first days I always had to introduce myself and that was torture.  Soon enough the bell rang and the students came in.


“Good morning class it looks like we have a new student here today, would you like to come up here and introduce your self”


“Not really”


“Well that’s to bad come up her anyway”


“Why did you ask if I didn’t have a choice”


He just smirked great this guy’s going to be an ass. I went up to the front of the class.


“My name is Tragedy Williams”


The class snickered thinking that I was some freak going through some kind of depression phase and went by some weird scary sounding name yeah right I wish. I went to go sit down but the teacher stopped me.


“I meant your real name”


“That is my real name”


“So your parent’s actually called you tragedy”


“Yeah I can bring in my birth certificate if you don’t believe me”


“No that’s alright, no continuing on with what we were discussing last class, Tragedy and Chase I need you two to come be examples”


Oh great I have to go up there again.


“So as you know genetics determine how tall you are, hair color eye color and etc, now I chose Chase and Tragedy to be examples because Chase it’s the tallest and Tragedy is the shortest. How tall are you Chase?”




“How tall are your parents?”


“My dad is 6’4 and my mom is 5’5”


“How tall are you Tragedy 5’2”


“ How tall are your parents”


“My mom is 5’8 and my dad is 6’0”


“So why do you think your so short”


“Because I was born 3 months early”


“Well that explains it then, you two can go sit down now”

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