Tragedys story

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 15, 2010



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Tragedy’s pov~

What a dick he could say anything else and it wouldn’t hurt, I knew everything he was saying was true but it hurt hearing it from someone else and realizing someone like him could use it against me and make everything here so much more worse. I was finished my response a few minutes after the teacher was done talking.


“Your finished already”




“Well I’ll grade it now since no one else is done”




I went back to my seat, thinking about what Skye and I are going to do, she’s due in four months  and she’ can’t work when she has to take care of a baby, were so close to getting our apartment but I don’t see how were going to be able to pay rent and buy stuff for the baby and things we need.






“Your paper”


I went up and got my response, I got an A on it and that just got me thinking, I’ll probably have to drop out and work full time just to have a chanc to support us all, erggh I guess I’ll just have to finish school another time.  Finally the bell rang I have gym, thank god I needed something to get my mind off things and sports is perfect.  I was always good at sports but never had the money to play, except at school, I had a pair of gym pants in my bag and tank under my sweater so I’m good, I went into the locker room and quickly changed.


“Ladies the boy’s gym teacher is sick so they’ll be with us this class, we’ll be playing basketball and it will be girls against guys no complaining”


We all got lined up, I noticed Chase was in this class and was on my shift.  God he looked sexy with a muscle shirt on and basketball shorts, ok don’t think about that and focus on the game.  Chase and some girl on my team were jumping the ball and somehow  she got it and hit it back, I got it and took it up the court and some big guy came over but I did a cross over and went around him and when I just a little behind the 3 point line I shot the ball and it went in, we got back on defense, Chase had the ball and I stole it from him and ran up the court and did a reverse lay up which went in, ha the look on his face was priceless. The game carried on with us against each other trying to prove who was the best by stealing the ball and shooting as many shots as we could, he had the ball and I tried to stop him but he ran into me and knocked me to the ground.  Oh my god I think I was just hit by a train, surprisingly he helped me up without much effort and frowned.


“You ok”


“Yeah I’m fine”


The bell rang uggh its lunch and don’t have anything to eat, I can’t remember the last time I ate all I know is it wasn’t lately. I got changed and started walking out but the gym teacher stopped me”


“You should join the girls team, we could use a player like you”


“I can’t”


“Why not?”


“It’s complicated but thanks anyway”


“Ok I’m not going to force you”


I walked into the cafeteria and sat alone at a table in the back, I seen what looked like the popular kids talking and looking at me great un-wanted attention.


“Hey”  a bubbly preppy girl version of chase said while sitting down with me.


“Hi, uh shouldn’t you be sitting with the other popular people?”


“What I can’t sit here?”


“Sit where ever you want I don’t care”


“Well I want to sit here and see if the new girl is as terrible as my brother says”


“ Your brother is Chase right?”




“He doesn’t even know me”


“That’s what I said”




Some weird looking creepy guy looked at where we were sitting; he walked by and growled at us.


“Did he really just growl?”


“Yeah that’s Roger he has some issues and this is usually his table”


“So were sitting at the crazy person table”


“Guess so, so why aren’t you eating anything?”


“I’m not hungry”


“Are you sure because I can get you something”


“Do I look like I can’t afford a lunch to you? I’m not hungry ok, I don’t need your charity”


I walked out god to have a sign taped to my forehead that says pity me?

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