chapter 1 Carbon

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Chapter 1, Carbon. comment and rate! :)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - chapter 1 Carbon

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013



Chapter 1

Carbon Cafe

11 p.m., Tuesday, August 28th, 2012. I sat alone in the old Carbon Cafe in Lander, California. I just got off work. My boss, Stan, bitching at me as I clocked out of Staples, and even after, as I drove to the cafe for something to eat, by text. He was giving me a lecture about some kids who marked the products with the demo sharpies, and how I should be responsible for paying for the damage.After two hours of him ranting, i eventually just stopped replying. Well, there goes another deduction from my paycheck.

I walked into the cafe and was greeted by Michelle, like always, and was seated in my regular seat. Michelle was a tall college student, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, probably only doing this job to pay for the Forever 21 clothes she wore under her uniform. And most likely, the only thing that mattered to her.

“How was your day today Dev? Did Stan be an ass again?” She sat down on other other side of the table, and smiled.

I shrugged. “Eh, it was alright, and yeah, like always.” I brushed my dark blonde hair out from my face and tucked it neatly behind my ear. “I still can’t believe you dated.”

She shivered and made a face resembling sucking on a lemon. “Okay, ew. Don’t remind me.” She chuckled and stood back up taking out her pad of paper. “Want your usual?”

I smiled and nodded. “Yeah, thanks Michelle.”

As she walked away, I glanced around. I knew this place like the back of my hand, and everyone in it too. The old men, who always insist to sit in the huge booth three tables away were playing cards, and on the other side of the restaurant near the large window, a father watched his son eat a burger about the size of his little head. The normal people. The waitresses busily moved around, whispering things to the other women, and served customers. Everything was like normal, and nothing was out of place.

“Here’s your order.” A voice said, as a plate roughly was set on the table. Startled, I glanced up. I didn’t recognize this girl. She has shoulder length hair, that was brown, with blonde highlights from the sun, the kind no one could pull off getting done at a high end hair salon. Her eyes, which were almond shaped and tired looking, were auburn.

Noticing that I was staring, by the look she gave me, I blushed red. “Oh, um I’m sorry. Thank you.” I laughed nervously. God I felt like a creep.

“Sure thing.” She said, turning away and walking off. Wow, she must of had a rough day. I felt sorry for her. I kind of wished she stayed around a little longer, so I could know her name. I shook my head, trying to get what just happened out of it, and ate my dinner. I decided to check my phone and found a text message from mom.

Hi sweetie! Just wanted to know, to get you some furniture, what’s your favorite color?


I smiled and took another bite, and looked back up at the girl whos name i didn't know, as she smiled at what one of the hosts said, giving him a nudge on the shoulder. She glanced over, and I looked back down at my phone, shyly, and answered.



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