Renewed Chapter 1

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7 kids run away from the city they grew up in. The year is 2021, and all of the kids range from ages 15-16, all three different sexes (f,m,ftm). this first Chapter is Rowan Joyce, 16 year old male.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Renewed

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013



Chapter 1


TINDA officials have been roaming the streets ever since I was 10. Six years ago I remember playing kickball on the abandoned lot in between two city owned apartment buildings, there the neighbor ladies would string their clothes on a clothes line to dry right above us, watch us play, and bet on either team from their windows. But the day of August 23, they showed up. Tall, buff soldiers in navy blue outfits stormed the streets and ended our game of kickball, and every game we would have had in the future, making us go home. They've been marching the streets ever since then. Now, our citizen laws are different.

Attention Citizens of Eastwind, CA..

You have been under surveillance of TINDA.

(Territory. In. New. Development. Agency.)

If you break the following laws, youwill berenewed.

-Respect all TINDA staff and authority

-All housing, owned or rented, are NOW under Government own

-No more than 5 people per household, unless you have the proper paperwork.

-Curfew for anyone under the age of 18 is 8 p.m., if found on the street, you will be given a 4000 dollar fine.

-All grocery stores will be shut down, and TINDAwill personally send the needed groceries to each house, twice a week, Monday and Thursday.

-If children have grades worse than a D in three subjects they are marked on the Watch List.

-Every kid at age 13 will take the TINDA test, to be drafted into the army or specialized schooling for the gifted.

-5% of children in foster care will be renewed.

-if child is disrespectful, or parents cannot fulfill duties of a guardian, a RENEWAL waver will be issued to offer a new beginning. If you require more information about Renewal call (1-800-211-7216)

-If you have no children, you will receivea job farming or taking care of live stalk in the back lands. 3 acres each family.


My parents work with the higher government agency, so they aren't ever home until late at 3 a.m. I get home from school, do my homework, and get the mail. But today, I came to a real discovery when I did. I found a pink, yellow, and white receipt, with my name, my parents signatures, and the words RENEWAL RECEIPT on the top. My parents set me up to be renewed, and they wanted to go to work before they took me.

Now, renewal doesn't sound that bad, right? Wrong. Its a sentence to death, and I'm going to die in less than 24 hours if i don't figure something out.

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