The Black Bloods

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Raeli Williams was just a normal girl with a normal life. She had a little sister and a twin brother. Her family was perfect. Until the day two men came and slaughtered her entire family... all but her. After the incident, Raeli changed. Two men found her and educated her on how to control her urges and her new found abilities. However, things just got more interesting when two new students appear at Rochelle High School. What will happen to Raeli and her friends?

This is a story by Evangilique. ^_^

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Black Bloods

Submitted: May 08, 2013

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Submitted: May 08, 2013






All around me was that warm liquid.... The floor, the walls, the windows, everything. Even I was covered in blood.

I looked around and saw my parents, my little sister and my twin brother, all lying on the floor, covered in their own and each others blood. I raised my hands and screamed.

I crawled to my parents room and looked in my mothers mirror. I gasped at the sight.

I saw myself, but I didn't look like myself. My once pitch black hair was now white. But, it wasn't my hair that scared me. It was my eyes. Bright red. The same color of the fresh blood that covered my face, hands and body. I looked back down at my hands and stared in fear and shock as my nails grew into long sharp claws and they turned black.

"What... What is happening to me?" I asked, knowing no one would answer.

"I can answer that question. If you want." I was startled when I heard a male voice from behind me. I stood and spun around. Some sort of animal instinct kicked in and I snarled at the man. He raises his hand and stepped into the light. I was surprised by his appearance.

Pitch black hair that fell gracefully into his golden yellow eyes. Pale skin. I noticed that his nails were long and sharp also.

"Who are you?" I asked, slightly scared and angry.

"My name is of no importance at the moment. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm like you." he told me. I straightened and looked at him.

"You said you could answer my question. Answer it." I demanded. He put his hands down and approached me.

"I will. But, not here. Please, come with me. We need to hurry. One of your neighbors has already called the police." he said. His voice sounded urgent.

"But, I'm covered blood. People will see me." I objected. I heard another male voice.

"Don't worry. I can deal with that."

I looked around the first one and saw another man. The black haired one moved out other way and the other man stepped forward. This one had blonde hair and pitch black eyes. He had a cocky smile on his face. I noticed sharp canines and took a step back.

"I won't hurt you either." he told me. He then turned to the dark haired one.

"We need to go. I took care of the scene. I know you can hear the sirens loud and clear if I can just now barely hear them." he told the raven haired male. Just then, I heard the muffled sound of sirens.

"Yes. We do need to go. Take care of her." The raven said to the blonde before walking out. The blonde turned to me. He walked over and held out his hand to me. I noticed that he also had long nails. I slowly took it. He closed his eyes and then a small yellow light came from his hand. When the light faded, I was clean and in pure white clothes. I stared in shock and wonder at the blonde. He just smirked at me. The raven haired one came back in, looking worried.

"We must leave. Now. Take her." he said. The blonde nodded and grabbed me. He slung me onto his back and then the world around me blurred. It scared me.

When we stopped, we were across town and watching as the police cars, ambulances and fire trucks drove by.

"Am I going to get to go home? To my aunts or something?" I asked the raven haired male. He looked at me and with serious golden eyes, he shook his head.


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