Journey of a Girl

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an organization piece but still a good story, enjoy!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Journey of a girl

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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 She looked shakily at the blood on her hands, then at the corpses around her. The voices from behind her made her head throb and her stomach churn. The demons in her head told her to kill the ones she had sworn to protect. Swaying to her feet, she stood tall. Knowing this was the last day she had to keep the young ones safe. The stench of blood and her own vomit mixed in her nose, causing her to return from the dark recesses of her mind;reveling in the twisted satisfaction at her slain enemy. Infestation caused her to be who she was chosen and altered to be, for she, is now the greatest killing machine to ever be known. This is her birthright. This is what fate chose for her. This was who she was meant to be.



Part One

Behind the name



“always Imagined my life in a different light. Something lighter, more innocent. But my senses didn't wish to become accustomed to the life of a fair princess, worrying more about her appearance then her life.” “ I am not one of those girls. When all my female classmates were deathly afraid of imperfection, I was splashing in the mud and playing along with the boys. As I grew older, my exterior began to blossom. I became the target of every teenage boy in the kingdom. So grew apart from my friends, spending my time either alone or with my brothers. My social life still boomed with constant invitations for balls and dinners. I of course declined every offer with choleric grace. Throughout school after puberty I considered myself as an introvert. I couldn't stand the constant dramatics of the girls and the tainted looks from the boys. After school I enrolled in a special operations sector in our kingdom's military; I was refused immediately. My mother and father refused to let me be anything the princess that I was by blood. Though my brother, Ryker, joined the assassin's core and he began to train me secretly on a hidden courtyard on the castle grounds. As Ryker advanced just as fast as I did, he became an instructor at the academy. He used to swear up and down I was his greatest pupil. Anyways, I worked and learned just as much as he did, if not more. When I was in my study brushing up on current hand weaponry in my cut out poetry book, A man of great stature knocked on the frame of the door. His uniform was littered with medals and ribbon, his facial structure spoke of a man born long ago. He spoke, asking for my father. I brought him to the throne room; we walked in and my father immediately spoke in the ear of his adviser. The man who came to me walked toward the throne as my father stepped down. His adviser took me by the elbow and pulled me from the room. He told me the man who had come was coming to take me away. I hurried to my chamber, packed my things and went to say farewell to Ryker. My father's adviser informed me that my father made a protection order for the two of us, and he sent him out first. So, I immediately left with two of the best warriors in the kingdom. We hid in a cave off the coast of Sandaria. I waited for nearly 100 years; my guardians died long before I left the hid out. When I emerged, my heart was as cold as ice and my temper as short as a grain of sand: My tolerance for people was gone. I trekked the long journey, all the horses being dead, back to my kingdom. I stopped every six hours; stopping for a drink, or something to eat. As I walked upon the outskirts of my own kingdom, I expected to be welcomed back with open arms, but all was not right. Everyone walked around drained or angry, and no one seemed to know who I was. I then headed for my home, Daluic castle. I burst in the meeting chamber as the men were in the middle of a council of war. The new king order my arrest, upon being wanted. He traded me to the man who took my middle brother, Haiden, For one of their princes. I remember transport and delivery to the head G.M. City, Caryia. The facility they took me to was nearly as big as my home. I was taken to an operating room. They hooked me to an assortment of tubes and hoses and sliced through the skin from my collar bone to my navel. The opened me up, filling me with gadgets and wiring them to my brain. Before they cut my aortic valve, they injected prymordian metal into my bones. This metal burned more than anything ive ever experienced before and since. This is to enhance my natural ability. As the surgeon began to remove my heart, I felt a rush of panic. I blacked out. When I woke, I felt strange. The feeling that I felt was like I was a new person.

I knew at this time, I was truly the warrior I was born to be. I was Hyrule Steian, keeper of death.



Part Two

Behind the war



The war began many aeons ago. It began with two men: the great Garth Gaeigo and my uncle, Halios Steian. This simple disagreement caused the death of thousands. The two warlords began as friends, drinking in bars as ship mates with Julius Arcariea and Lucifer Arcariea; they were all corsairs. They spent they're days plundering and their night partying all the gold and trinkets away at bars. They're love lives were strong as any young, handsome ship captain around. Their disagreement began with a woman, and plunder that they got from their last journey. It began as petty things like ruining a night with a girl, or ruining time with a client. Then it began to escalate to attacking each others ship and stealing each others supplies. As time went on, they recruited more and more troops, and gained more experience at war. The first battle of Ch'ashiskaski war was on a warm and sunny day. The skies were as bright as ever and gulls flew through the skies like arrows of a hunter. The first casualty was on my Uncle's side, his first mate. This angered him, and he vowed he would destroy Garth one way or another. To this day, The current warlord, my uncle, who is ruling over the Rencha Blancuo Territory has declared war on Garth and his followers. I feel conflicted for having history on both sides of the war.

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