"Lets get Jolteon"

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My Pokemon Fanfiction. Includes Jolteon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Weavile, Absol and Scyther. The eeveelutions are a pack, sticking together and taking care of each other: Jolteon being timid and sweet, Vaporeon being quiet and assertive, Umbreon being a quiet leader and Leafeon being the pacisiftic caretaker. One day running in the woods, Jolteon encounters the remorseless Weavile and her crew. Nabbing the Pokemon, They take off, holding him for the ransom. How else will they get him back? With a good old Pokemon battle.
Enjoy :)

Chapter 1 (v.1)

Submitted: November 28, 2012

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Submitted: November 28, 2012



Chapter 1

"Look Leafeon! a buttterfly!" Jolteon elated skipping across the feild after the insect. Leafeon close by, she giggled, "Careful Jolty, don't hurt the creature." Jolteon ambled after the monarch laughing. Leafeon stopped and smiled, confessing over her shoulder, "You know Umbreon, I could live like this forever." Umbreon pawed out of the shadows, his yellow bands flickering, "so could I," he nodded slowly. "Where's Vaporeon? I thought you two were scouting?" Leafeon furrowed her brow. Umbreon stretched the kinks out of his back, "Lost him a while ago," He yawned, "He's a ghost in that water you know." Leafeon smiled and nodded, turning and looking at Jolteon. Jolteon was delicately holding the small butterfly in his paws. He carefully sniffed the insect. Leafeon stalked up behind him, tackling him joyfully spouting, "BOO!" Jolteon giggled hysterically as Leafeon tickled his ribs. Umbreon broke a rare smile, he hoped life would always be this way.

Weavile slashed through the brush, stomping through the fallen leaves. Close behind her, Absol carefully padded along tree branches and Scyther covering their rear. "Absol! Get down here!" Weavile snarled behind her. Absol gracefully leapt from the tree, "Of course M'lady." Weavile whirled around, snatching an apple from the ground, "Where are we?" She crunched. "Were near a meadow, the area seems to be free of pokemon," Absol bowed his head, wary of Weavile. Weavile chuckled, chomping on the shiny apple again, "Good! just how I like it." Vaporeon bubbled in the shallows. Absol looked from the corner of his eye and nodded. Vaporeon carefully melted into the deep river, rushing back to Umbreon to warn him of the impending danger.

Wrestling with Jolteon, Umbreon had a few minutes of joy. With Leafeon napping in the shade of a big oak, The boys played without care. Vaporeon rushed from the shallows, splashing the excess water on the beach. He carefully watched the band approach his family. "Come back here Scamp!" Umbreon chuckled chasing after Jolteon. Umbreon skidded to a halt to the fear in Jolteon's eyes. Umbreon felt a chilling metal claw in his back, Fainting him. Jolteon bolted towards Leafeon, Managing to wake her up before Scyther grabbed him, "LEAFEON!" Leafeon chased after the pokemon holding Jolteon, but Weavile stood in the way. "Don't get brave now Ye' hear." Snarling Leafeon tackled the Weavile, fainting to the rebuddling metal claw. Vaporeon held his breath and headed for the shallows; They had Jolteon, he had to follow

Weavile snickered, Jolteon thrown over her back, "AH we can get a seasons worth of food for this kid! Nice work scyther." She glared at the dark movement in the trees. "M'lady, don't be angry with him, he didn't mean to lie." Weavile chuckled, "You small minded fool, Absol wants to get me killed. He wants control of this team, but he's to chicken to take me on," She threw Jolteon onto her other shoulder. Absol laughed quietly, staying a few paces behind the pair. He knew he had to crush Weavile, for the child's sake.

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