Beautiful, Too.

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Her Name. Jane. Plain Jane, if you will...but you'll start to realize just how "plain" Jane really is.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Beautiful, Too.

Submitted: April 30, 2011

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Submitted: April 30, 2011



  She mounts the horse carefully. I watch her do so, making sure she doesn't fall off. I give her a thumbs up, signaling that everythings okay. With Jane, little did I know, nothing was okay. Everything was almost falling to bits right between her itty bitty fingers. At that very moment, that I slap the horses behind and watch it gallop off, do I realize, she's never told me her last name...

  I hear her shrill cries. Ones a happy laughter, ones a scared cry, ones a cry of relief, ones a thank you. She's on the horse, still, flying off into the sunrise, without a word of regret. Jane stops the horse and she looks back at me. She's so far away, it's hard to believe that's my boring old Jane. I block the sun out of my eyes and look at her, clearly now. She's waving, smiling, thanking me, something she hasn't done in a long time. I smile my biggest and tell her to go on, still making sure nobody is coming to capture her.

  Jane keeps going until I see her no more. Which makes me sort of sad. What will the rest of my September look like without my Plain Jane? The girl with the beauty within herself, not on the outside. Never will the summer nights end in that curious climax, never will my August winds capture her sweet smells and lift them onto me, never will the July fireworks gleam in the night sky the same way, And don't even get me started on what I'll miss about our May.

  Will she return? That's her decision. But, deep in my heart, I have this feeling she will, just for me. And that will be the happiest moment of my whole life. And it all started with Septemeber.

  I button up my flannel and sit down in Algebra. It's the first day of school and I'm eager to meet new people. Though, most of the faces are familiar to me. I see them all the time at the grocery store and on the streets of our old country town. We called it Hanicsville.

  That's when she trots into the room and steals my heart at that moment. Her name, I'm not sure to come by yet, but I'm sure it's extravagent! She sit down in the very front seat in the row next to mine. She looks around, straightens her light blue, plaid dress and plasters that famous smile on that I would grow to love.

  I take my seat, also, and stare at the back of her blonde, curly locks. Mayble, I think to myself. Or Courtney. Yes, what a pretty and uncommon name. Oh! What about Lucy! There's only one of her and she's pretty, too! Maybe Kate! Oh, my!

  "Are you Ms. Jane?" Mr. Kirt, teacher of 30 years, now the age of 65 and refusing to retire, asks the shining girl in front.

  "Yessir. You can just call me Jane, if you'd like." She says, so sweetly, but demanding.

  Jane? Her beauty twists away from me at that very moment. Just plain ol' Jane? That's it? I sigh and roll my eyes. She wasn't as excellent as I thought she was.

  Mr. Kirt waddles over to me. "Ah, Erin Griffer. I'm glad to see you're in my algebra class this year," He gets a twinkle in his eyes. "Though, I am the only Algebra teacher in the high school of this tiny little school."

  "Glad to be present, Mr. Kirt." I bow my head in the most descent way possible.

  "Hey, you look let down." My friend, Thomas Tompson the 3rd, slides in the seat infront of me as the morning bell rings and class begins.

  "You don't know the half of it, buddy." I rest my head on my hand and watch the board.

  Jane sat and answered most of the questions. I listened to her majestic voice and pretended her name was a unique, patriotic name. She had a great voice, but every time I got a glance of her face, all of my feelings were sucked out of my body. Jane. What a terrible name for such a girl. Her parents must not see her amazing beauty.

  The day speeds by me in such a hurry, I barely remember it. I kcik rocks down the dusty roads to my house. I'm not searching for faces to walk with, I'd rather be alone right now. Of course, in Hanicsville, everyone you see is never a stranger, especially the couples.

  There's Stacey Morgan and Billy George kissing down by the little creek. There's Thomas Tompson the 3rd with his girlfriend, Lola Polli. There's Jake Rushy and Penelope Likley holding hands on the bench near my house. And there's my twin siter, Erica Griffer, with her boyfriend Kyle Hanson, who each greet me with silence while they stand outside the house, giving each other those dumb ass eyes.

  Everyone around here is so in love with someone. Even my own parents are affected by it. I walk in the house, and there they are, hugging and giggling. And as the conversation goes every night:

  Mother: ERIN! How was school! **Teehee!**

  Me: Just fine.

  Father: **chuckle** Oh, Mary! I love you so!

  Me: I'll be upstairs!

  Mother: Dave, I love you more!

  Father: No, I love you!

  Mother: Oh, no, no, no, I love you! Etc, etc, etc.

  So, I climb up the stairs, turn to the left, and open the white paint chipped door that unleashes the holy power of my uncleansy room. I set my bag on my desk and plop on my bed. I listen to the two giggle couples of my family until I get so sick of it, that I sneak out of the window, like usual.

  My feet are carrying me to the general store, deep into town. Everyone waves and gives neighborly, 'hello's' to one another. I ignore them and open the door of the store. Old Man Harris is standing at the counter, talking to Jane. Oh, GREAT!

  "Erin!" Mr. Harris chimes. "I'd like you to meet my granddaughter! Jane Harris!"

  She faces me and smiles. It, almost, makes me smile the brightest of the bright, and I remeber her name. "Hi. I believe you're in my Algebra class."

  I stare at her for a moment, ignoring her name and soaking up her voice. "Hey. Yeah, I am. I'm Erin."

  She rubs her arms and flinches for a moment. "I-....I have to be going." Jane plasters another smile on her face. "Nice meeting you, Erin. I'll see you at dinner, Grandpa." She runs out of the door, heels clakcing in a hurry.

  "Ain't she a beauty, Erin?" Old Man Harris winks at me.

  My cheeks flush red. "Sure is, Mr. harris." I'm imagining her without a name, trying to forget 'Plain Jane.'

  "Maybe you could-"

  "Now, Mr. Harris. That wouldn't be a good idea."

  "Why's that?" He spit in the old spitoon near the counter.

  "I'm-....I'm engaged!" What'd I just say?

  "SHOOT!" He jumps back atleast 10 feet. "Ain't you 16?"

  "17, sir."

  "Dang, son! No one knew! I'll tell everyone! Congrats! What's her name?"

  Not Jane. Not plain ol' Jane. Nothing boring...but for some reason, Jane was the only name that seemed appealing to me.

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