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Rabbiteen. What an odd name for a girl, right? Griffin. What an odd name for a boy, correct? Everyone loves the boy, so mysterious and true... Everyone hates the girl, so nerdy and ugly... But that's what they say.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Beheaded

Submitted: November 03, 2010

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Submitted: November 03, 2010



  I watched her hand fly infront of my face. I sighed, knowing the words that would break the seel of her pretty little lip-glossed lips. She flipped her long, blonde hair without even trying. She grinned, white teeth, glissening. And the words came out as smooth as butter. "Sorry, Rabbit, you need an invite to sit at our lunch table."

  This incident happened my first day here. People thought I was pretty cool looking, until they heard my name. That's what destroyed me and made people think I was some hideous creature out of a child's book.

  I smiled. "I wasn't going to sit here. I was going to tell you that you have some lettuce in your teeth, but, OH WEEEELL!" And I waltzed away, listening to her freak out over lettuce. It was a funny thing to do to Jessica Bridges. Then her friends would hold up all their compact mirrors and show her everything was okay. My daily ritual. It was enjoyable, but it got old to myself. Sometimes, even childish.

  A table in the corner of the lunch room. That was mine. I slid in the seat and stared out into the crowd. Everyone had friends, everyone was, basiclly, decent enough. A lot of these people hated me for my name. It was the DUMBEST thing ever! Do you want to know why? BECAUSE there's a boy who had an even MORE ridiculous name than I. His name was Griffin. Like, seriously? But everyone LOVES Griffin. Including even me, the outcast with the weird name.

  So, I ate. And there was the occasional, 'Rabbit! Hey, Rabbit!' It wasn't creative anymore. One thing that always bothered me was that Griffin never said anything about my name. Every time he walked past me with his friends, they'd all make remarks, but he'd just look down, like he was ashamed.

  "Hey, your Rabbiteen, right?"

  I peered up and saw the one boy I wish I could murder and love, Griffin. "Yeah."

  "I'm Griffin." He smiled and sat down.

  "We ALL know that." I rolled my eyes and leaned back.

  He chuckeled a bit. "Sorry, I didn't want to say that, you know?"

  "You might as well."

  "Maybe. I just wanted to let you know, your not the only one with a weird name."

  I snorted. "No one notices yours. To them, you're SO perfect, it hurts."

  Griffin looked away. "I guess so, but I'm FAR from perfect."

  "You sound like Jessica."

  "I hate her so much."

  "Huh?" I jumped up. He shouldn't be saying that about the "Queen Bee." She wanted to get in his pants, anyway.

  "She thinks she's so special when she's not. Invite for a filthy school table? Are you serious? It's completely idiotic." He crossed his eyes and scowled at their table.

  "But it's pink." I giggled.

  He grinned. "That's the only reason they sit there, too. They're really sad."

  "But she likes you." I shrugged. "I figured you would've liked her, too. It's the perfect ending."

  "As I said, I'm not perfect, and neither is she! She makes me so sick." He sounded angry. His eyes may have switched colors, but I wasn't paying attention.

  I smiled. He was, like, everything that was me! Uhm, I mean... Kind of. He wasn't perfect. "I think the same thing."

  "Maybe we have more in common than you think." Griffin winked.

  Jessica struted to my little corner table. "Griffin! What the HELL are you doing?" She pointed her manacured finger in his face.

  "Sitting here and eating my lunch." He cleared his brown hair out of his eyes. His voice sounded so clear, not even a frightened a bit or mad. It was perfectly calm... And he SAYS he's not perfect.

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