Call Me a Procrastinator...

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Ben Jerid never noticed Skye Peterson...
Until the day she dropped a little pink note on the floor after bumping into him.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Call Me a Procrastinator...

Submitted: July 09, 2011

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Submitted: July 09, 2011



I'm carrying a heavy box in my hands. The post office doesn't open for another 3 minutes....2 minutes.

My arms wrap around the box and bring it to my chest. I look around at the fresh dew weighing down the neatly chopped blades of grass. 1 minute. Come on, lady! It's not that freaking hard to unlock a door.

Suddenly, I hear the same bright pink pumps as the post office lady. She's sipping her coffee in a new eco cup. Her hair is done in that same I-kind-of-care messy bun, and she's wearing a little polka dot dress with poofy sleeves. She smiles at me and says, "So, Ben, what do you have for me today? Something of your mother's again?"

I shudder at how happy is, but, of course, she doesn't know. Not yet. I smile and look at her, "No, not today. Something of my own."

"And what is it?" She sticks her key in the door. This woman knows me so well, yet I've never learned her name. She keeps the door open for me and follows behind me. She opens another door, and opens a giant window revealing a clean counter with a fairly new computer on it.

It's for Skye Peterson. Or do you not remember her? "Just a little something." I wink and place the box on the organized counter. "Make sure you don't put a return adress on it, okay?"

"Who is this going to, Ben?" She scribbled something down on a clean piece of note pad paper.

"The Peterson residence." I swallow, hard, repeating that last name.

The woman gave me an odd look. "Why's that? You know them? They tend to keep to themself after the-." She paused and tapped her pink lips with her pen. "Incident, you know?"

"You know, I never learned you name." I try to bypass her question.

"Well, I'm supposed to wear a name tag, apparently, but I don't like them. When my boss comes in, I pin on my dress as fast as I can." She chuckles as if it's funny. "I'm Regina." Her painted pink finger nail points to where the name tag should belong.

I smile and nod. Somehow, this name suited her so much better than what I called her. Just, The Post Office Lady.

"You're going to be late for school, Benny boy." Regina winks and then remarks, "I enjoy your company in the morning." Regina isn't an old lady, probablly in her early twenties, if that. She's pretty and has dark brown hair; The hair that reminds me of angels.

"I enjoy yours, too, Regina. But, yeah, I guess you're right." My heart stings as I realize that she reminds me of Skye...or what Skye used to look like.

With that, I turn on my heel and run to school. I enjoyed when the wind hit my hair and made it move. I loved the way my heart felt as it hammered in my rib cage. It was better than feeling numb, feeling guilty, not knowing where to turn after all this.


Part 2

To Be Ctd.

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