Kissed by a Demon

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"So, you're telling me you're a demon?"
He nods, taking my hand and kissing it.
"That's new." I, calmly, stand up and start to scream. The part of my hand where he kissed it, burns.

Meet Zabrina. Is she different? Barely. Is she a victim for love? Sometimes. Is she a magnent for demons? HELL YES!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Kissed by a Demon

Submitted: May 09, 2010

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Submitted: May 09, 2010



Mrs. Nearly stares at me from the front of the room. "And don't forget to write neatly, please."

I cock my head, like a dog. I think she can read my look. You know, that look that says, "Shut the fuck up. I'll write how I want."

She becomes offended and struts away, even though, she knows she's too old to, actually, look good as she struts.

I start to scribble words that mean nothing to the assignment I was given. I never, really, cared for the Roman's, so, who the hell cares. Not I!

"Zabrina." Mrs. Nearly is standing above me, now. Was I that gone?

"Yeah?" Snarky, bitch mood, in progress.

"Have you been paying attention?" She asks.

"Do you want the truth or some bullshit lie?"

She rolls her eyes. "The truth." She's the only teacher I can swear infront of.

"I hate your class, so, no."

"Get out of my class!" She yells.

"Gladly!" I run out of the class and into the streamer filled hallway.

A boy runs into me and we both crash to the floor.

"Sorry." I squeak. I peek through my thick, black, hair and see the boy, so tall, handsome, and spikey black hair, standing back up.

"It's okay." He says. I don't recognize him.

"Are you new?" I stand up. He's 2 feet taller than me. (He has to be, like, 7 feet tall!)

"Yeah. I'm Sabastian." He put his hand out. His pale, white, hand.

I take his hand and shake it. "I-...I'm Zabrina."

"Pretty name." He says, dully, and passes me, keeping his feet, moving, down the hall.

I slam myself into the lockers. A streamer, for prom, falls in my face and gets caught in my hair.

"Need help?" He calls from the end of the hall.

I giggle and stumble another locker. "No.." I spin around and crash into a wall, falling.

"Maybe you do." He laughs and he's, suddenly, behind me.

More than making an ass of myself, I need his help more than ever. "Why'd you move here?" I feel his hands lifting me up.

"A family thing. Not too important." He picks the red streamer from my hair and throws it down.

"Oh." I find myself focussing on his sea blue eyes, surrounded by eye-liner.

"Where do you belong? I think you need some help walking." He says.

"In the office. I just got kicked out." I fall into him. I scramble, to stand up. All of my strength left me.

"Let me take you." A flash in his eyes makes them turn black. He grabs my hand and lets me lean on him.

I gasp. I feel my feet moving, but am I?

"Why'd you get kicked out of class?"

"I said my teacher's class was bullshit." I keep my eyes on his.

"Ah. Sounds like something I would do." Sabastian laughs and rounds a corner, into the gym.

"Then, we must have something in common." I smile, hopefully.

"Less than you think." He murmers. "Atleast your heart it beating."

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