No one will Ever Know

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A long time ago, there was a ruler of a far off village no one had ever even heard about. A couple of events had hapened there that only a select few know about, and those few refuse to talk about it...Except one. The ruler's twin.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - No one will Ever Know

Submitted: July 01, 2010

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Submitted: July 01, 2010



  When I turned 14, I had become the ruler of the small village I used to live in, called Rosely. I was passed down the crown and it was my turn, so my parents could die. They commited suicide, so they wouldn't live through the next generation.

  I used to sit on a golden pedastal. Only I could sit on it and my twin brother used to stand next to me, smiling, and only he could stand there. My brother, Kioke, was everything to me. He always fought for me and supported me, even when he shouldn't be supporting those things. Kioke never said much to anyone besides me. He was never one for talking, even though, his vocabulary was a lot better than mine.

  "I'm happy for you, Lynn." He set a yellow rose on my lap. "I can't wait to see what you can do to this village."

  I smiled at him and touch his hand. "I'll make it look wonderful."

  He stood back at his place and lifted his chin up, trying to hide his proud smile.

  "You know, Kioke, you can help me make desicions, if you'd like."

  "No, no, sweet, you are the princess." He looked down at me and winked.

  "Your majesty." A knight in clanking armor bowed infront of me and threw a peasent my way. "He would like to talk to you."

  "State your name and buisness here." I snapped.

  The peasent got on his knees, shakin, as he did. "Miss, the town is falling apart. My cottage is turning into rubble, and I was wondering if you could help by-"

  I started to cackle. "Help you?" I laughed, again.

  Kioke, still, said nothing, though, I knew what he was thinking. He knew it was wrong and I did, too, but the kingdom was mine, now. It was all up to me.

  "I don't think so! I think I shall be the one taking money from you." I hissed. "Now, bow to me!"

  And the peasent did so. I felt the power in my finger tips. I knew what I had. And it was magic.

  "Guide him out of here, please, guards." Kioke said, quietly.

  The knights grabbed the man by his arms and drug him out of the palace.

  "Kioke! You have to be stronger than that!" I yelled at him.

  "I'll try." He half-smiled at me.

  I smiled a bit, also. "Let's go to town! It should be fun!"

  "I'll grab your coat. It's chilly outside." Kioke called, as he jogged down the hall to my room.

  And the selfishness didn't calm down at increased.

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