Oh, Bloody Hell

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Oh, bloody hell, not another vampire story! Well, this one is A LOT different.
Welcome to the world of Addison.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Oh, Bloody Hell

Submitted: April 20, 2010

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Submitted: April 20, 2010



  I kept looking out of the window. I felt so big! I felt like I could see so far. Being on the top floor in the civics room of my crappy school just took it all away.

  Stepping back into the picture was the toughest part. Of course, the teacher blabs, idiots ask questions, and I breathe.

  Just Breathe...

  And breathe...

  And breathe.

  So, I just kept looking to feel better again.

  "Are you okay?" My friend, Rose, whispered. She was a really pretty girl, and very unique. She made any horrible thing look good.

  "Yeah, I'm okay. Just bored." I smiled, wryly.

  "Oh, yeah, I know." She returned my favor of smiling, but she added a giggle.

  "Addison?" My teacher, Mr. Narson, groaned. He knew no one was listening, but I wasn't the most.

  "Yeah?" I didn't want to talk anymore.

  "Are you listening to me, boy?" He snapped.

  "I suppose." I hated when he called me 'boy.'

  "You better be or I'll send you to the office, again."

  "Yes, sir."

  "No, sir." Rose peeped.

  "Excuse me?" Mr. Narson looked, hate pulsing through him.

  "I wasn't listeing. I'm not interestedin this," she whirled her hand in circles. "This suburban area crap." she always spoke her mind.

  "A lot of us aren't." I agreed.

  The class laughed. We were telling the truth, and they knew it.

  "Yes, thank you!" Andrea, one of my other friends, cackled her famous laugh.

  The bell rang and we gathered our books and left. Except me, Mr. Narson kept me.

  Rose flashed me a look while she stood in the doorway.

  "It's fine," I smiled. "Just go."

  She stumbled out.

  "Boy, you need to explain to me why you act like this in my class?"

  I was hungry, I knew this was an easy meal. I stood up and waltzed over to him. "Because," I flashed my teeth, my sharp teeth. "I'm a vampire."

  And that was the day Mr. Narson died by hand, well, teeth.

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