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"mum do i really have to go to a different school? i mean i only have 2 more years of it all." i said to my mother as she was reading a newspaper. "Taylor dear, those last 2 years of school mean a lot to people. Once your out of high school your out for high school for good." my mum said. I rolled my eyes. I sighed and walked upstairs to my room. I walked over to my window and looked outside. I sighed it was raining out and i really didn't care i just wanted to get out of this house for at least 30 minutes. I opened the window to feel a cool gush of wind go right through me. i closed my eyes and smiled. i took the scent in from the rain. As my eyes were closed i turned into my neko form. i bent down and jumped to a tree by my window. i jumped off the tree and was on the ground. i ran behind the house and then to a hide out kind of place that i went to every time something bad or adnormal happened. It always helped me think.When i got there i climbed the tree and layed on one of the branches. and looked as the rain fell to the green grass. i sighed as i knew it was getting late. i jumped down from the tree and ran home. when i got back into my room i saw my mum sitting waiting for me."Taylor where have you been?!" she said in her motherly worried voice. i rolled my eyes at her again."Mum i was...outside getting fresh air." i said to her. she got up from the chair in my room and ran over to me, and she hugged me. i pushed her away since i was losing my breath from her death hug. My mum never knew about my little hide out like thing. i never told her and i didnt want to tell her. it would just ruin the whole 'leave-me-alone' thing."well, huney you should be going to bed. first day of school starts tomarrow and i dont want to have to have you complain to me about how tired you are in the morning." she said."mum i do that everytime i wake up." i said in an annoyed way. she laughed and walked out of my room. i walked over to my closet and got my sleeper. I pulled out short sofies and a t-shirt. i got in my neko form and fell asleep. i always slept in my neko form i dont know why i just do. im the only one in my whole family that actually has a power of some sort. no one else, but me...

Submitted: May 25, 2010

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thanks! i didn't realize that, thanks for tellin me

Tue, May 25th, 2010 7:31pm

Brent Lee Mason

Neko = Cat in Japanese.

Tue, May 25th, 2010 11:00pm

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