Is she my One True Love?

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Dare !!!!

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Submitted: April 07, 2013



The Dare!!!!



So…...The story begins about 3 years from now. When I was 14 years old. It was a fine sunny afternoon and I was on my school trip. I was in the bus with some of my friends we were playing truth and dare. You know how we are at that age. It was my turn so I opted Dare proudly.



“I have a perfect dare for you” Sam-One my friends said.


 ”Anything” I said if I was some superman who could even stop a train.



He narrowed his eyes looking at me.“So my dare is” he paused looking at me with a  cunning smile Oh boy!! That really scared me



“Spill it” I said irritated, he winked


 “Okay…..So you’ll have to make Rachael Dawson your girlfriend” He said as he continued “And your time is 2 days that is till this trip gets over.” He added.


 My jaw dropped and I gave him a ‘Are you out of your mind look’ He just laughed and shrugged. It’s not like I was not good looking or anything like that but I had never talked to Rachael, I mean I have but dude You’re talking about ‘The Rachael Dawson’ the most beautiful girl of the school, the most famous girl of the school and how did that idiot expect that she’ll just  fall in for a guy . I was busy in my dreamy thoughts when I heard some laughs. I looked at them.


“You’re such a loser!!” He laughed loudly as others joined him.


 My face turned red. Enough is enough. How dare he call me that I’m no looser and now whatever it takes I’m gonna make agree to be my girlfriend I thought as I looked at him


“I accept ” I said simply .



At first he looked a bit surprised but then smirked and said “Nice”



I knew he was thinking that I’ll not be able to do so. But I had made up my mind as I looked around the bus I saw Rachael oh man!!  She looked good and by good I mean just awesome. I had a small tiny miny not that big crush on her.


Ughhhh!! Okay I agree I had a very huge crush on her, and had never had guts to say this to her. Maybe that’s why Sam choose this as a dare maybe he tried to help me. I looked at him again. He and help? , no definitely not he just wanted to get my ass kicked by her. He knew the moment I asked her to be my girlfriend she’d slap me. Damn I’m soooo dead!!



I gulped as I stood up from my seat as I walked towards her. Damn I was nervous. My heard was pounding like anything as I slowly came to her


“Hey Rachael” I said as she turned my breathing stopped I chocked. No!! say something you fool .


“Hey Matt” she said with a smiled and then turned back.


I sighed looking down I guess I’ll not be able to do it. I walked to my seat and sat down silently. Ignoring those jerks who were still busy teasing me.


The bus stopped after a few moments for a break. We all got down where I saw Rachael was standing alone in a corner. C’mon dude give it another chance my inner spirit said I took a deep breath as I walked to her



“Hi Rachael what are you doing here all alone?” I asked her with a  cutest smile on my face.



 She looked at me smiling I was getting nervous my heart was pounding like anything as she finally opened her mouth to say something.



 “Hey Matt…um nothing” She said.



 “You look nice today” I said making my first move.



 She looked rather amused and gave me a ‘What’s on your mind boy?’ look I blushed. She giggled seeing me blush .



“Oh thank you” She said.



There was a moment of silence I was thinking what to say next as she broke the silence.



 “Wanna go for a walk?” she asked.



‘Hell ya!!’ my mind shouted but I controlled my emotions trying to act calm as I gave her a smile



“Sure why not” I replied.


“Where are we going?” I asked when I noticed we had come quite far from our bus.



 Now I guess we were somewhere which looked kind of a forest but less dense.



“I don’t know” she shrugged, I smiled.



We both walked as we talked about our favorite color’s , movies, Actor’s and many other things. I kind of started liking her and I guess she started liking me too. It was getting late so we decided to return back to our bus. We started walking after a few turns we reached from where we started. I could only see big tree’s around us nothing else. My facial expression changed I started panicking so did she. I wanted to cry but I couldn’t at least not in front of her. I looked at her.

 She stared at me with a worried look her eyes were filled with tears.

“WE’RE LOST!!” we both said in unison.



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