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Red sighed. It had been a long day of roleplaying on the laptop with Green Oak, who said he was going to be a beauty queen yet again. Red sighed and closed his laptop. That's the last time I'm roleplaying with Green...He's such a stuck up kid. Red got up and turned off the light. He pulled out a book and began to read a book about how to roleplay.

"WAKE THE HECK UP REDDY~!!!" Came a loud voice. Red wondered where Gold's off switch was. "ISN'T IT A PRETTY NICE DAY?! LOOK THERE'S THE BIRD POKEMON!! OH AND THERE'S SILVER!! HI SILVY!!!" Gold yelled. "Gold get down here! You forgot your brain!" Came a voice. "OH MY GOSH!! NOOO!!! NOT MY BRAIN!!! CRYSTAL WHERE IS IT?!" Gold asked, not noticing it was a joke. Red let out a chuckle. What a idiot... "GET UP REDDY~!! I DON'T WANT BE ALL ALONE!!!" Gold shouted. All alone? He has everyone else always with him! Red sighed and got up.

The first thing Red noticed was how far the floor was from his bed. Weird...Gold must have messed with my bed again.... Red thought as he reached the bathroom. The freaking door knob was all the way too high for Red to reach. What the heck?! Why can't I reach it?! Red opened his mouth to yell to someone but all that came out was a sqack. "GOLD DID YOU LET IN ANOTHER BIRD POKEMON?!" Crystal yelled. "YES I DID!! BUT IT RAN AWAY ON ME!! BECAUSE SILVY THREATENED IT!!" Gold said. "Gold. Your voice is annoyingly loud. Please shut up." Silver said. Red let out another sqack.

"What the hell is that noise?!" Came an annoyed voice. "Shut up Platinum! It's just an annoying Gold!" Answered another. Red realized that it was Pearl. "Holy sugary sweets! it's a Eevee!" Emerald shouted. Oh crap...I'm a what?! Why is he looking at me like that?! Oh dear god! No! Emerald picked up Red and carried him to his room. Mother of Mew...put me down kid! "We're gonna have fun Nii!" Emerald said. Oh dear god...he gave me a nickname...

"RUBY!!! YOU IDIOT!!! I TOLD YOU TO WATCH EMERALD!! NOW HE'S BROUGHT IN A STINKING EEVEE!!" Sapphire yelled. Ruby shrugged his shoulder. "OH MY GOD WHAT IN ARCEUS' NAME IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" Sapphire yelled. "I don't know. What's you're excuse for being a jerk? Your answer is mine." Ruby said. "THAT'S IT!! I'M LEAVING AND I'M TAKING MY CAKE WITH ME!!" Sapphire yelled. "NOOOO!!! NOT THE CAKE!!!" Ruby cried.

Emerald held Red in his arms tightly. Mother of Mew...just put me down... Red glared over at the talking Gold. "OH MY GOSH!! DID YOU SEE HIM?! HE WAS SO CUTE!! I WANTED IT BUT REDDY SAID NO SO I WAS LIKE FINE!" Gold shouted. "Gold, you can barely handle a Pidgy...what makes you think you could handle a Piplup?" Blue asked. "WELL IF I CAN HANDLE MY EXBO THEN I CAN HANDLE ANYTHING!!" Gold shouted. "I said shut up for Mewtwo's sake! Be quiet!!" Silver snapped.

"Hey! Where's Red? I wanna talk to him." Green said as he walked in. Oh dear mother of Mew...not him...anything but him... "Oh! A Eevee...! Where did you find it Emerald?" Green asked. "I found her in the house." Emerald said. Okay, clearly he doesn't know difference between a boy and a girl Eevee...idiot... Green smiled. "She's so cute." He said. I'M A FREAKING BOY YOU RETARDS!!! Red let out a sqack. "It sqacks...?" Green said.

"Can I eat it?" Diamond asked. "NO!! YOU CAN'T!! FOR THE LAST TIME IT'S NOT A CANDY POKEMON!!" Platinum said. "SHUT UP!!! ALL OF YOU!!" Silver shouted as he threw a book at Platinum.

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