Hear Me Dont Hurt Me

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a girl is in a coma and a vampire can talk to her and hear her while shes in it and he has to try to save her before they pull the plug on her but is he a good guy....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Hear Me Dont HurtMe

Submitted: May 25, 2009

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Submitted: May 25, 2009



I have no family and I don’t have a boy friend it’s just me myself and I

I am driving home from a very long day at work and its dark out

Im tired and I am going faster then the speed limit all I want is to get home and go to bed

I grab a CD from the seat next to me and I drop it o lean down and try to grab it and I am trying to drive at the same time

I glance up to the road and see headlights and they belong to a semi I swerve and all I see is more headlights and then it goes black I don’t remember what happens next all I know is I am stuck I am stuck in this body and she's not moving

You see im in a coma and the doctors don’t think I will be waking up anytime soon the only problem is that they cant find out where my family is so that’s the only reason im still here and stuck I would rather be dead

It’s been like this for 4 days and I can hear everything I just can’t respond to anyone and no one knows im trapped

The nurses come and go some ask me how I am doing and some don’t say anything at all

Doctors come in and I hear them write something and then they leave

I am stuck to talk to myself and stuck doing nothing but lay here

And it’s getting lonely........

“La la la la I’m so bored and no one can hear me ....HELP ME ...ugh” I say to myself


 “Hello Jaydien how are you to day” one of the nurses asks me when I walk into the unit

This hospital unit is for the people who might not make it and are kind of a no hope in hell cases

But at least someone is trying to give them a second chance

“Here you go” I hand the unit clerk a package from my father

Every Thursday I am here giving this unit a package ...no clue why I just do

“Any new ones today” I ask and the nurse nods and points to the room on the left

“Can I” I ask she nods again

I sometimes stay and talk to the coma patients because I have nothing better to do and I feel bad for them

I walk into the room and the first thing I see is the girl she is about 18 and she has long brown hair and she is gorgeous

“How long has she been here” I ask the nurse

“Today is four days and the doctors don’t think she will pull through”

I nodded ...even though it was breaking my heart to hear that

I grab her chart and read it just to find out her name...she doesn’t have one.....it say there was no useable ID found at the scene of the car accident

Other then some scraps and bruises she doesn’t look that bad

 The file also said she had no family that they could find ....no body was missing her ....my heart breaks a bit more


 Who is in my room I can hear him look at my chart ...why is he here who is he...he’s not a doctor and his voice is heavenly...but who is he

“WHO ARE YOU” I yell ...but no one can hear me no one ever does

Jaydien’s POV

 My head snaps back at her

..Did I just hear her talk?

I look around and see no one

I walk over to her and poke her hand


He poked me why the hell is he poking me im not dead ...and even if I was dead why would he poke me


Jaydien's POV

 She spoke again

Sometimes I can hear them whispering in their thoughts but never this loud and never so angry

You see you get certain special abilities when you’re a vampire and your fathers the big shot

Being a vampire now a days is so simple you can have a job and own a cat you can even live in the apartment there is no hiding ....well there is in some ways like humans can never know what we are and we can’t feed on more then one person everyday

But none of that now

She's yelling at me

No whispering it was yelling

“Quiet down sheesh im not going to poke you again you just took me off guard that’s all” I said through her thoughts


 Oh my god he's talking to me oh my god how is this happening im going crazy

“No you not crazy” the voice said

What's your name I asked ....not to myself

“Im jaydien and you are”


...then it hit me...how was I talking to this guy and how the hell was he talking to me...

And I wanted to be held just some kind of person to person contact ...not medical contact

“Jaydien could you hold my hand” I said quietly in my head

I heard him move and then he sat in the chair that was beside my bed he slowly took my hand and I wanted to squeeze his hand with mine but I couldn’t

His hand was cold but it felt right in mine

“Thank you” I said

“No problem ....so what happened how did you end up here if I may ask” jaydien said

“I was driving and I crashed all I can remember is the headlights coming right at me and then I woke up but I was not awake I could hear and feel everything but I couldn’t move I was stuck and now im stuck but at least I have someone to talk to” I said but the last part more to myself

“You have to hear every time the doctors say their going to pull the plug on you” jaydien said under his breath

We sat there for a bit and jaydien traced patterns on my palm and in between my fingers

“It's nice to have some person contact” I said just as a random thought

Jaydien laughed a bit

“What’s funny” I asked

“Nikki im going to tell you something before I leave and you can decide whether or not to believe me”

“Okay so are you leaving soon” I asked I didn't want him to go it was nice to talk

“Ya I have to  ...i have business to attend to”

We sat there for a bit longer and his hand never warmed up it was just as cold as it had been the first time he touched me

“Im sorry Nikki but I have to go now” he let go of my hand and I felt sad then I felt his breath at my ear

“nikki the reason I can hear you and the reason my skins so cold and the reason I think your blood smells so appealing is that I haven’t fed in a while and I have to go do that before I do something I will regret but the reason for all this is because im ....a vampire” jaydien said and I felt myself have a bit of a panic attack but then it went away

“That’s it” I said

He laughed a bit then I felt his breath on my neck and I heard his breath catch and then I felt his lips on my neck

...I can’t even move I’m stuck in one spot and can’t move he's going to bite me and I cant even fucking move im stuck...

I feel his mouth open and his tongue touches my skin and I felt something sharp and smooth run over a spot on my neck

“Mr. Jaydien I haven’t seen you so concerned about a patient before do you know...” the nurse trailed off

“Mr. Jaydien what are you doing” the nurse said and I heard her come over

Then jaydien was off of me

“I was just telling her she will pull through” jaydien said but his voice was rough and I heard him leave the room

“Poor boy he is always here and he never gets time to be a kid” the nurse said and then I assume she checked my IV and stuff then she left as well

Once again I was alone completely surrounded by people but I was so alone

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