Supernatural High

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Your town becomes over run by vampires and werewolfs and instead of the town throwing them out or destroying them they accept them into the twon and now the high school is crawling with them, and your suppose to treat them with the respect.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Supernatural High

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Submitted: July 27, 2009



Grade 12 how wonderful for everyone but its different now, you see my school no longer just has kids in it well it has kids but not all of them are humans, our town was over run by werewolf’s and vampires among other things so what did the town decided we decided to accept them and to allow them into the school system but that means they took over everything our sport teams and they were all honor students and so I was pushed down to a nobody I wasn't exactly popular but I wasn't a nobody I was just normal now im the one considered the freak, out of the thousand and so students that attend the high school there are only about four hundred human students, the change of blood in the town only affects the high school students the rest were human.

So here we are first day of school and I have already been pushed around by the vampire guys and the were wolf football team, the vampire girls have taken over the school they push you around kinda like normal school but when they push you now you go flying into the near by wall.

I step into line and grab a breadstick and my pasta, it was hard to get use to the fact that vampires and werewolf's need blood so its served at the cafeteria, just like everything else.

I sat down at my table with the few people I actually liked, my best friend Becky and other humans.

“maybe this year someone will change me” Becky said and I rolled my eyes

I looked up and towards the vampire table that is where I use to sit Becky and I use to be there with the kids that weren’t cool but everyone liked

Xander Larson looked up and smiled his pearly whites shining and not to mention his fangs, he was the lead vampire in this school and why wouldn’t he, he was the god of them all with his black hair and ice blue eyes, I guess they all had ice blue eyes but his were darker they had a hint of green even from across the cafeteria you could see it.

I looked back down at my plate now not hungry, I pushed my plate to the side

“Xander is looking at you” Becky said and I ignored her, like most humans Becky had become obsessed with the other students I hated them, they think their better then everyone else, they are in the long run but they didn't have to flaunt it

I loved coming to school but now I hated it

I walked into fourth period, and noticed that Xander was in my seat

“your in my seat” I said standing in front of him

“am I does it have your name on it” he said and looked up at me and crossed his arms over his chest

“actually it does if you stand up you will see it on the seat” I said and he got up and looked down but I quickly sat down before he could

“nice trick babe” he said

“im not your babe go away” I said and put my books out ignoring him well trying to he was rather persistent

He grabbed my hand in his and I yanked it back

“im not going to bite, well not on a first date” he said and grabbed my hand again forcefully he traced the vein in my wrist and I saw the thirst in his eyes, the green replaced with a red.

“let me go blood sucker” I said and the whole class laughed and whooed

“blood sucker me no couldn’t be” he said and I tried yanking my hand free but he didn't budge

“Xander let me go” I sad and he shook his head

“I just want a taste just a little one” he said and traced my vein again

“hell no” I said and he laughed

Everyone knew one taste led to more tastes and then clothes disappeared and things went to hell from there

“oh come on baby don’t be like that” he said

He was rather annoying

“im not your baby so let me go” I yelled and he smirked

“she said let her go” I looked over my shoulder in the back it was the half breed, half vampire half werewolf.

“stay out of this freak” Xander yelled

“who's the freak sorry I didn't catch that” Simon said, he got out of his seat

Ha this was not going to happen on the first day

“you’re the freak how exactly did you become a half breed” Xander yelled

“listen to you how exactly did you become a half breed” he said the last part in a baby voice and the class laughed Xander was still holding my hand hard enough I think I was going to have to go to the doctor with broken bones

“the teacher walked in before Xander could say anything and he looked at the three of us, and shook his head, Xander went to another seat and then the boring day started again

Simon walked past me without a glance it’s the first time I actually wanted to talk to one of them I wanted to thank him but he wouldn’t give me the chance

“finally the day is over” I said and flopped down onto the couch

“really Destinie its only been a day” my mother said

“yeah but its just so bogus being there everyday all day” I said and put my arm over my eyes

“you sound like your father now get washed up dinner is at six”

“yeah, yeah” I said and got up and went out my front door, I stopped abruptly

“uh hi” Simon said

“uh hi” I said back

“I just wanted, um well, ugh” he turned around and walked away from my house, okay that was weird

Simon was good looking his looks not striking but he was hot to say the least, he had dark brown eyes almost black and he had that rebel hair the long but not girl long it brushed his jaw.

I watched as he walked away and I went back in side

“who was that” my father asked when I came back in

“it was a boy from school” I said

“a normal boy or one of the supernatural kids” my father asked with that tone the one that says the-kids-who-i-don’t- trust-along-side-my-daughter look

“no he is a half breed” I said and grabbed my plate from my mom

“a half breed I haven’t heard of half breeds” my mother said

“yeah he's the only one” I said  this wasn't the conversation I wanted to have over dinner

I finished eating and put my plate in the sink and headed back outside, a little walk didn't hurt anyone

I wandered into the park that was surrounded by trees and sat on the swing that was there, it was peaceful well that is until a ear splitting howl came from behind me from the trees

I jumped to my feet and backed away from the trees, werewolf's mostly didn't attack humans anymore but you never knew.

I heard a twig snap, oh no im going to die, something is stalking me I can feel it

“have a nice swing” Xander said from behind me

I jumped out of my skin

“Jesus Christ” I said when I turned around and faced Xander

“sorry to burst your bubble but I am far more attractive then Jesus” he said ugh why is he bothering me

“leave me alone, why the sudden interest in me” I asked him and crossed my arms over my chest

“oh come on babe don’t be like that we both know you want me” he said and came closer to me, this is not what I wanted to be in the middle of no where with a deranged vampire boy

“easy vamp boy im not your babe and you need to go back for dinner your looking a bit paler then normal” I said and he shook his head

“easy babe don’t want me getting angry” he said and I hadn't realized that he had walking me backwards until my legs hit the park bench

“leave me alone” I said and I pushed his shoulder, and he grabbed my hand like he had in class

“let me go” I said

“or what we are totally alone” he said and pulled me closer to him

“let her go Xander” I looked over to the forest edge Simon was there hair tousled

“why is it every time I want to talk to miss Destinie here you show up” Xander said and tightened his grip on my hand

“ow Xander your hurting me” I said and Simon stepped closer

“let her go” Simon said but I could see his eyes turning completely black

Great there was going to be a fight and I was going to be stuck in the middle of it

“or what everyone knows you cant turn wolf so what are gonna do bite me” Xander said but let my hand go, and Simon ushered me to him and I walked a bit closer to him

“I have better things to do then sit here and talk to her anyways see you around Destinie” Xander said and walked out of the park

“are you okay” Simon said an I turned to him this was the second time he had interfered

“yeah im fine thanks” I said and looked at my hand, around part of my wrist and hand there was long finger marks that were already bruising

“I uh” Simon ran his hand through his hair

“well I should get home its getting dark” I said and he nodded

He started to walk away

“wait” I yelled and he turned around

“thank you” I said and he flashed me a smile that warmed my heart

“don’t mention it” he said and walked away

Well this year is going to be interesting

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