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Vampires, What more could you ask for!

Anya is just a girl, well a girl who isnt shy and she is witty and a smartass.

Zane is a fun guy, with the looks to kill.

What happenes when One night Turns into an eternity of Darkness.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Vamped

Submitted: February 18, 2010

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Submitted: February 18, 2010



“Anya I don’t want to go to the party tonight its at the graveyard” my best friend Liz said and sighed and slumped onto the bed

“Come on Liz its suppose to be the party of the year” I whined

“No one even likes us” she grumbled as she got up and walked over to her backpack and pulled out the clothes she picked to wear.

I grabbed my black extra tight skinny jeans and my favorite Shirt black with lime green and hot pink paint slatters, and as a add on I ironed on “bite me” on the back in white letters

I looked in the mirror and cocked my hip.

“Somethings missing”  I whined to Liz

“Here” she said and handed me a pair of shoes, not just any shoes , they were five star high tops, Black, at the heel was checkerboard with lime green.

“I can’t wear these they are yours” I said and handed them back

“They don’t match my outfit and besides im using yours” she said and smiled at me

“Fine Fine” I put the shoes on and then went to wrok on my face

I was in between emo and what ever else I found to put on, so my make up was subtle masscara, bit of lite pink blush and lip glass , and that was my look plus if I put to much makeup on my face I felt like a clown.

My hair was a different story it was long black and just past my shoulders and I had a small braid which Liz had put in, I had a small blue streak and a small pink streak and it was all tied together with being perfectly straightend.

“So how do I look?” Liz asked me

I turned around and smiled at her, she was amazing like always, her long blonde hair was almost to her butt and layered, she did less makeup then I did just lip glss for her she had a light pink shirt on and blue skinny jeans on and flats for shoes.

“one word girl AMAZING!” she laughed

“Thanks” we added some perfume and then we waved by to my dad and left the house.


We could hear the music before we even got to the graveyard, and what a surprise they had ‘Guards’ well Randy and Owen.

“Anya we wont be able to get in” Liz said worried, or hopeful I wasn't sure

“Oh calm down watch and learn my young apprentice”

“Im two months older then you are” she mumbled


We walked up to the guys

“Sorry no Emo trash allowed” Randy said

“What ony preppy trash is allowed?” I asked

“No Anya only popular people are allowed” Owen said and crossed his arms over his chest

“Okay let me get this straight non emo people are having a party in a grave yard?”

Liz giggled

Randy was starting to get angry I could tell, but Owen was a push over

“Your not getting in” Randy grunted

“What do you think Owen, are you sure you don’t want to let us in?” I touched his arm and smiled

“What do I get if I let you guys in?” Owen asked

“Oh come on man your not falling for it are you?” Randy asked

We ignored him

“Well I don’t know maybe a dance maybe more” I said seductivly, I walked closer to him and batted my eyelashes

“Let them in” Owen said and I winked at him

“Dude your messed” Randy said but let us pass.

“You’re really not going to do anything with him are you?” Liz asked when we walked away from them

I looked at her like she was crazy then made a vomit face and she laughed

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