Dark Woods Circus - Pokemon Adventures

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Red and his friends just were traveling out to see a circus when they get trapped, now forced to perform the dex-holders must find a way to escape or be trapped forever.
Warning: Contains graphic and bloody scenes, child abuse and deaths.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Circus Starts

Submitted: October 15, 2012

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Submitted: October 15, 2012



In the wood, deep in the darkness, there it lies the Dark Circus.

Red laughed and pulled Green along. “Red, where are you going?” Blue asked. “I want to go see this!” Red exclaimed. The young kids hurried around.

The Chairman with his wide eyes and stilted height of 10 meters.

Red gasped. The man was so tall. “Hello kids.” He said. Blue hid behind Green. Green stared.

The actors trampled and misshapen and their bodies are odd but also very entertaining. At the circus, deep in the dark woods.

“Look over there!” Red shouted as he pointed at a person with no arms. Green crossed his arms. “Wow look at all of them!” Blue said.

A two-headed person --- show.

There was a body with two heads. Both heads had blond hair and the left head had green eyes and the right head had blue eyes.

A singing chimera wonder and...

Blue looked out at the new people. If only we hadn’t come here…

...Something that eats his own kind a blue beast that you see here.

Green looked out at the people, he was so hungry. He hadn’t eaten much. The Chairman gave him some meat. “Eat up.” He said. Green happily devoured the meat.

We never hoped for this life that a cruel god gave to us.

Blue felt the tears threaten to spill over.

Why do people watch me with eyes that say "A decaying Face".

The eyes, the glares, it made Blue feel awful.

It’s painful. It’s so very painful is what she said to me.

“Please Red…help me it hurts…” Blue said.

But still it goes, the circus goes. Without any regards to what we feel.

Green sighed it was time they were moving on to another place. The circus didn’t care that none of the people wanted this.

We are having fun, We are having fun, We are having fun at this circus.

The kids laughed and giggled, laughing at the poor two headed child.

Rotting apples, rotting apple eyes have weathered skin.

The people threw rotting apples at the kids. The freaks of the circus.

Please kill me. Please kill me. Please kill me to get me out of this place.

“Please kill me. Please it will help me get out of this place!” Blue begged.

I once had asked and got replied with "No, that’s asking the impossible."

“Please Red…will you please kill me?” Blue asked. “No, that’s asking the impossible. I cannot kill you.” Red answered.

Red looked up at the sky. How he wanted to go home. But he couldn’t. His friends were trapped here. Red walked among the cages. A person with no arms – Sapphire, a two headed person – Emerald and Yellow, a singing chimera wonder – Blue, something that eats its own kind – Green, a child that spoke of time and war through his mind – Gold, a boy who was great at stealing – Silver, a person who could eat swords – Diamond, a person who had no legs – Platinum, a person with only one arm and one leg – Pearl, a person who could kick and hit a target at least 15 meters away – Crystal, a boy who could defeat a raging pokémon with his bare hands – Ruby. No matter what…they would be trapped.

“Good day my boy. I see you around here a lot.” A man said as he grabbed Red’s shoulder. Red let out a cry of surprise. “How would you like to join our circus?” The man asked. “I…I…I…” Red was at a loss for words. “Come on. Join us it’ll be fun.” The man said. Looking into the man’s eyes Red couldn’t say no.

“Come see the latest attraction. The freak with no eyes! It also has no hands or mouth!” The man shouted. Red could only listen in silence. If he could talk he would be saying for someone to save him or to kill him…

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