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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

Red goes and makes a blog for his real feelings, when people follow him he doesn't mind too much. He tries to keep it a secret from his friends.
Warning! Has: Suicidal thoughts, self-harm

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Tumblr Blogl; ICanLieAboutI

Submitted: September 26, 2012

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Submitted: September 26, 2012



Red laid back and looked over to his computer. He remembered Green telling him about blogging. "It's really fun." He said. "It also helps get your feelings out." Curious, Red got up and looked up blogs, he decided to settle with Tumblr. He quickly set up his username and password. It wasn't long before Red made his first post.

Nobody Understands!
No one understands me...I hate myself...I want to die...if I was gone tomorrow would anybody care? I hate my life...I just cut myself again...it was deeper than before but it stopped bleeding after a few minutes...

Red looked at the screen, it said he had a message. He clicked on the icon.

ReadyForMyDreams asked you:
Hey! I understand what you're going through! I've been there. If you want to have someone to talk to then I'm here for you. Email me at PanGoku@hotmail.com!

Red blinked. Did someone just email me? Did someone really just email me? Red quickly sent a reply.

Thank you...sometimes I just feel like I'm so alone...email me at RedIsMyMaster@hotmail.ca. I really am glad that I have someone to talk to.

Red felt a small smile light up his face. I'm feeling so much better now!

I Feel Loved!
Oh geez, so many people are now following me. I feel so loved! Thank you all. I love you. Please feel free to ask me anything!

AndYouCantStopMeFromFallingApart asked you:
How does it feel when you cut yourself? Does it make you feel better? For me it makes me feel so much relief!

I just feel like...I feel like...I feel like I'm still here, alive...still suffering...I feel like I have to make sure I'm still living or else I'll disappear...

SoManyFeels asked you:
When was the first time you started to cut? Why did you cut then?

I was about 10. My rival was taunting me...I feel like nothing so I grabbed a piece of glass and sliced my skin...it felt good to me...

WhySoSerious asked you:

Excuse me? I'm pretty sure we don't know each other. You barely know me. I don't think you could love me...

JustLikeARagingFire asked you:
Get your head in the game! Learn to talk rather then cut!

What? I don't like to talk. I rather cut or blog.

JustLikeARagingFire asked you:
Then how about blog rather then cut?

Maybe...I'm not too sure...I can try...

Red sighed and leaned back. This was a good start to his blogging days.

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