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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Baelin

Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012



Chapter 3

The moon was full in the sky as a swarm of dragons followed the giant dragon. The giant red dragon was twice the size any regular dragon the biggest of his kind and his might even made other dragons terrified of him. His only regret was trying to cheat a god and now he was forced to serve a human. Baelin rested well on the dragon’s back knowing that he was winning the war. In a few weeks he would attack the dwarf kingdom and the elf forests with his grand armies of humans, orks, and other dark forces. He only had two small problems and they were some random dragon that stopped him from have more in his army and some goblins that started to attack both the enemy and his army. That goblin army was doing much better they actually should be and actually captured one of his castles. After dealing with this dragon Baelin would call for that goblin lands to be torched to ashes by dragons.

Baelin was dressed in his black steel battle armor with bags for his spells and a large two handed weapon he wield with one arm. He felt invincible. He called for the Grand Dragon to descend and signaled the other dragons to descend with him. If this Black would not join that he would crush it with all his might. He looked down and saw them all happy to see Flamestrike ready to serve him, but the dragon named Pyro seemed to not be impressed. Baelin reminded himself to fix that problem in the future. The female called Lith eyed him with anticipation (withier it was for power or if she was hunger he would find out) which did attract the Grand Dragon’s attention. The dragon called Ember just came in staying close to the walls completely ignored him and was waiting for the black. Even though he came late on purpose he did not like that this black was going to make him wait instead.

 Baelin waited a few minutes and then spoke “Since this black I have heard so much about has not come in fear of my power will you follow me or die? The war is coming to an end with large spoils to my soldiers, but those who…”

 Suddenly a large black dragon lands on his mount and stares at him. “Sorry I’m late I just had to check if you “friends” need to (grinning) “rest” for a little while.”

 Baelin cursed to himself knowing that not only did this black mock his power and the Grand Dragon which frightened even the dragons, but his forces were unable to help him if the black decided to kill him. Staring at the dragon he realized that there was something wrong with this dragon’s eyes. They did respect him as one opponent does another as equals, but he was also deciding how long it would be till he would have to kill him. These were not the eyes of a normal dragon.

Baelin spoke “So you are the Black that Flamestrike spoke fondly of. So would you please get off my dragon and tell me your name?”

 The black jumped off and said “My name is Yadrell and while my tale is not as grand as yours I shall continue my job. Neither you, that dragon, or any god will make me stop me till it’s finished.”

 Baelin stared at the black in confusion. He wondered what was this job he spoke of? Why was it so important even though he did not sound like he enjoyed. Yet none of that was as the most important part was the fact that he still refused his offer!

Baelin shouted “I nearly own this world! I have the Grand Dragon who is the deadliest monster in the world! Nothing can harm my forces!”

 Yadrell laughed shaking the room and with an expression on his face that even scared the Grand Dragon. Wiping the tears out of his eyes he spoke “Yet a bunch of “Brain Dead” goblins not only defeated some of your forces but they also took a castle!?”

 Baelin’s eyes widen trying to figure out what to do. No one should know about that yet he was mocking him and even then judging from his look he could easily say every failure he had during this war. He was enraged at the world for allowing his reinforcement to lose against this dragon. He was mad that his forces that lost the castle to the goblins and at the dragon that was mocking him.

He decided to end this and shouted “Join me now and share my glory or I will strike you down this instant!”

 Yadrell waved his hand while the others backed away “No.”

 Baelin got off his dragon and got ready to watch what he believed would be a short battle. He looked up and noticed ember getting ready to flying away, but she was carrying away something. Ember flew off as a cave in blocked the path she used to escape.

Baelin smiled and said “So that’s how they lost so easily. Those goblins must have had help from the knights and elves. Tavish Nov Vash To Lo!” Bolts fired from his hand blasting most of the rocks away. “Stop slacking around and get anyone who tries to escape! Now vile Black you shall see the full might of the Grand Dragon!”

The Grand dragon roared with joy as he charged at Yadrell while the rest flew to capture Ember flying away. Baelin was going to have his revenge.

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