Angel In The Cabin

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Angels of death were supposed to be cold. Unforgiving to even the smallest infant. God made them so he wouldn't half to dirty his hands. So when Faith Smooth did the forbidden, imagine her surprise when she's sent from heaven and into the human world for a 18 year punishment.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Angel In The Cabin

Submitted: April 01, 2013

Reads: 189

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Submitted: April 01, 2013




“Amazing grace… how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch, like me… I once was lost, but now I’m found… was blind, but now I see…”

Looking out the freshly polished window, Faith Swift once again crossed out a date on the calendar to the right of the window.

“Three months, one week, four days, and three hours and two minutes left to go…” she sighed wistfully.

Again, she looked out the window into the world far from her reach. Miles of oak trees stretched out along the beaten brown bath toward the road successfully hiding her and her cabin from the rest of the world.

The evil emotion of self pity erupted in her stomach and she spun from the window like a whip; her hair releasing itself from her old scrunchy. She growled in irritation as she picked the old pink band from the floor where it had fallen and wrapped it around her hair once again.

“This is all that kids fault...” she grumbled as she walked on the cold wooden floor and shivered.

If I knew this would be the outcome, I wouldn’t have spared him his life…




“Yes… I would have.” Faith admitted looking out the window again as a sudden breeze blew leaves and shrubs alike in the fall early afternoon.

. . . .


“Hey Rider!” A seductive voice whispered in his ear sending unwanted shivers down his spine.

Rider groaned in disgust before turning the volume up on his musical device.

“Don’t ignore me baby.” The vixen purred as she ran a pale hand with pink tips down his back.

A cold shudder wracked his body as his violet eyes snapped open and begrudgingly registered the desperate girl in front of him. Her back length brown thick locks blew in the afternoon wind and her hazel eyes glowed with mischief and underlying content.



“No.” Rider deadpanned as he stood up and dusted his grey jeans and cold play shirt.

He rustled his curled black hair with his left hand lightly before grabbing his book bag.

His mission was simple:

Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Lunch. Early.

Hopefully David, the lunch monitor, would understand the situation and let him go.

Maybe… Rider hoped.

Rider ignored every pair of female eyes on his figure and focused on the pale red concrete towards the exit. After he passed 6 tables and 3 vending machines holding a variety of treats and beverages, the entrance toward the art building came into view. As did the Asian security guard, David. Who, at the sight of Rider, he rose a single questioning eyebrow at the teen.

“What’s up, man?”  David asked standing at his full 6’5” towering Rider by a good three inches.

Rider sighed and looked up to the man with desperate purple eyes.

“Crazy bitch.”

David nodded in understanding giving Rider hope. The Asian man turned around and unlocked the door towards M building.

“Take this as a gift for being good the past few weeks’ kid.”

Rider’s eyes widen before her sighed in relief, “Thanks David!”

“No problem. You better go to art!”

“I will! Thanks again!” Rider replied.

Without looking back, and repressed glee, the ebony haired teen walked out of the cafeteria area and onto the sidewalk toward his next class. He hardly registered the evergreen grass or the large trees with fall leaves blooming on them.

Once again, he placed his beat up iPod headphones in his ears and walked calmly toward the art room for his AP art class to paint something random… like his uneaten lunch.

. . . .


“What to do, what to do…” Faith pondered as she put away her broom. Her lonely cabin was officially lonely. But clean. Yet all the more lonely. A terrible combination.

The clock struck one and faith immediately smiled.

“Drama time!”

She flipped her black locks from her blue eyes and glanced at her caramel brown fingers. The color of the nails, electric green, was chipped.

“Hm..” She pondered “I’ll paint them during To The Beautiful You as I watch Minho act stupid and in love!”

Faith glided over her wooden floors as she registered the opening credits of her drama at the moment on her flat screen.

She passed her kitchen and threw open her bedroom door. On the far right side, her dresser and wardrobe rested. In the front of it, facing the nail polish wall, her queen bed with purple satin sheets sat. The bed was courtesy of her friends Ronda and Luna. As the polish shelf was thanks to Brianna. To the left of the bed, her book shelf, dust free and filled to the very brim with every book she had read in the past year in time order, courtesy of Thomas, sat.

She let her mocha feet touch the fluffy cool carpet as she padded the shelves. Without hesitation, she grabbed the neon blue, the remover, the cotton, and the base and top coats before heading back to the make-shift living room.

Again, she glided over to cold wooden floors. The rewind of the past episode had just ended as she dropped herself on her fluffy couch and upped the volume.

Faith hummed a random gospel song in her head as she removed the unpleasant chipped polish off her right hand.

Not even four minutes and her right pinkie later, a knock sounded at her front door.

“Late.” She said knowing full well that the person at the door could hear her.

“Blame the big guy at the Chinese restaurant. He purposely gave me the food and my change slowly.” The voice called back.

Faith rolled her electric blue eyes and mouthed ‘open’. The front door creaked and the slammed informing her that her guest had already walked inside.

With her keen nose, she was able to sniff out the smell of fried rice and chicken.

“Chinese!” Faith exclaimed.

“Yup! Your favorite!” the angel replied setting herself in the empty spot next to Faith heavily.

She kicked off her big black boots, and shook off her leather jacket. That meant that the guest was only in a red tank top, black short shorts, and thigh high black and red stockings. The girl shook her curled red locks from her high ponytail and glanced at an annoyed faith.


“Emerald, stop that. I’m trying to eat, remove polish, and drool at the same time. I don’t need to add babysitting to the list.”

Emerald stuck out her tongue maturely before grabbing a container of fried rice and chop sticks.

“Whatever. It’s more like I’m babysitting you Miss Grounded.”

Faith glared hotly at the unaffectionate angel of death next to her, “Don’t go there.”

Emerald’s eyes widened in shock, “I’m sor-”

Faith raised a freshly polished hand, “Forget it.”

A tense silence filled the cabin as a female disguised as a man ran the marathon in place for her role model. Faith watched in amusement and respect as she seethed in depression and a pinch of anger.

I’m an idiot, Emerald thought as she angrily stuffed boneless chicken in her mouth. She sighed as her curled red bangs fell in front of her eyes blocking the TV.

Suddenly, an idea came to her.

She stood up before grabbing the remote and pressing the red record button.

“Get up she ordered blocking Faith’s clearly blocking Faith’s view.

Pouting, Faith glanced up at her inconsiderate friend. “Ugh! Why? I wanna watch completely unreal love triangles.

Emerald gave her a look of a authority, “No. We, my dear fallen angel of death, are going out.”

Faith gaped at her lunatic friend.

“You’re smoking aren’t you? How many times have I told you not to smoke!? It messes up our mind Emerald! Remember what Decius-”

“I know what happened to Decius!” Emerald snapped. Her eyes were dull and her skin was pale. As if time had slowed, Emerald’s mind slowly began to bring up old memories of her loved one.

Her eyes widened before she shook her head, No.

Emerald confidently placed her hands on her hip: the left side jutted out. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and narrowed her emerald eyes at her best friend.

She took notice of the dull blue eyes that used to sparkle at the thought of fun. The wavy black hair that she used to let all out but now she kept in a messy bun. Her cheeks looked pale and her mouth was chapped. Her arms, even her oversized Harujuku shirt, looked boney and under toned. Her legs were flabby and any trace of the muscle hidden in those caramel legs vanished.

If you were a human, you’d think she was a natural beauty.

If you were an angel, or demon, you’d think she was a pathetic fallen angel.

We used to party… every night after a harsh reaping; we’d get unbelievably drunk for an angel and have fun… Emeralds eyes widened, That’s it!

“Get up.” Emerald ordered.

Faith furrowed her eyebrows, “Huh?”

“I said get up.”

“I don’t wanna!”

“Faith. I know you. Tell me to my face that you don’t want to party!”


“Come on. Tell the truth and shame the devil.”

“… Fine. I do, ok?” Faith admitted tired as her shoulders hunched over, “But I can’t do anything about because I’m grounded. The father can’t forgive everything Em.”

Emerald looked to her friend with empathetic eyes, “Faith you foolish angel. He may not be able to forgive a fallen angel. But he can forgive everyone else if they ask. Don’t put yourself down when you still have me girl.”

Faith looked up to her best friend with hope, “You would get in trouble… for me?”

Emerald gaped at her foolish friend, “Of course! We’ve been together since we both floated in on the same cloud and even longer after we graduated the academy. I won’t back out now.”

Faith smiled widely and stood up slowly, “Aa! Let’s do this.”

Emerald grinned back, “Besides, I haven’t gotten in trouble in a long time. I need this.”

Faith laughed loudly in pure amusement. This was the first time, in a long time, that she had laughed like that. The feeling was long since forgotten but definitely welcomed.

The two angels of death walked to Faith’s room and searched through her stuff for something suitable to a night on the prowl.

“Faith I just realized something…”

Faith looked up from the leather jeans she was holding to the fiery red head on her bed, “Hm?”

“I’m a bad influence on you.”

Faith raised a single black eyebrow at her friend and gave her the you-realize-this-now look.

Emerald threw a pillow at Faith, “You’re so mean!”

“Don’t blame me! You just said yourself that you were my bad influence!”

Both girls laughed aloud again for the second time that afternoon.

. . . .


Rider stepped onto the school parking lot and walked straight toward his motorcycle with purpose. He needed to get off the campus before crazy chicks started to annoy him again. He passed by the soccer team captain and vise captain’s cars and passed by Tiffany Gorgonzola, the senior class president’s, car and found his black baby resting right where he left it this morning.

He grabbed the helmet from the side pouch and was about to slide the cherry red head protector on when, Joshua Delobu, his best friend, ran up to him.

“Come to Jasper’s Blub tonight!” the British boy begged clasping his hands tightly like a prayer. His green eyes screamed desperation and his mouth was set in a playful pout.

Rider rolled his eyes, “Not gonna ask. Fine, what time.”

“7:30. Sharp. We need an extra employee ‘cause Alejandro caught that mysterious flu going around.”

“Sure. I’ll see you there. Tell your girl, Ashley I say hi.” Rider replied before sliding his left leg over the seat and pushing the key in the ignition.

“Yeah, totally man!” Joshua said jogging back to his jeep where his blonde girl friend awaited him.

Rider rolled his eyes in a joking manner and revved the engine before backing out and driving off. The only thing to keep him company was the sound of other cars and the limited scenery around him.

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