Dark Magick

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Katherine has only known two men in her life. Her best friend and the man that saved both of their lives. What happens when family secrets start to unfold and things begin to spin out of control. Katherine is finally a woman and longs to know the touch of a man. But one secret can destroy everything. Will Katherine find out before it is too late?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dark Magick

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



( I remember her scent, her eyes, the way she stood flawlessly in a field of Sakura. She was as beautiful as the cherry blossoms that fell in her hair. At that moment I saw nothing else, I could hear nothing at all. I watched quietly, intently, the way a child watches his mother. How do I tell her how I feel? How do I tell her when I can't even explain it to myself? How do I say I long to hear her whisper in my ear "Ai Shiteru!")

I know when Takeshi is watching. I can feel his energy all around me. I have never told him this but I am sure he knows. This was our time together. I would go into the field and pick flowers and Takeshi would stay in the distance watching. At times I could feel him as if he was standing or sitting right next to me. I remember when Takeshi lost his family. Brutally slaughtered in front of his eyes. I never knew how he managed to escape alive. It wasn't until my family was killed in an accident that I would know the story of Takeshi's escape. As children we remembered Luca was close to our familes. He wasn't much of a man yet but a lot more experienced in life than Takeshi and I were. On the night Takeshi's families fate was sealed Luca managed to shield Takeshi and get him out untouched. Takeshi couldn't even manage to get a scratch under Luca's protection.

From that day on Luca made the decision to be a provider for Takeshi. Not even old enough to take care of a family Luca made a choice to try any way and he did. When my parents were killed in an unexplained accident Luca felt this was to close of a coincidence. Takeshi demanded that Luca do the same for me that he did for him. He wanted Luca to take me in as well and we all live as a family. Luca agreed and it has been the three of us ever since. I never knew my mother. My father brought me back to Japan shortly after I was born. All I knew is I was a mix breed. My father was Japanese and my mother was Russian. We always wondered how Luca ended up in Japan. He traveled all over the world at a young age and didn't understand of all the places he could be why here? Luca never forgot his birth place of Bulgaria and would tell us stories of his mother and the things they would do together. We all managed to have a decent life so far. Takeshi and Luca have guarded me like hawks since I have joined their family. It was quiet and I enjoyed picking flowers in the field and watching the sunset on warm evenings. For some time now I have been feeling strange. I can't explain it but it is almost as if my body isn't mine anymore. It seems to get worse when the guys are around. Almost as if they triggered it.

"Do you need help?" Luca was suddenly standing over me. He stood tall like a thorough breed horse ready for his first race.

"Katherine?!" He shouted.

"Yes Luca?" I managed to get a response out even though I was now consumed in my own thoughts.

"Do you need any help?" His muscles curved to a body that was a perfect silhouette.

"I am fine Luca." I smiled gently.

"What about your birthday?" He knelt down next to me and gazed into my eyes.

"What about it?" I responded.

"You are turning twenty!" He smiled ear to ear.

"This is a big deal." Luca said with a smile.

"It is just another day Luca." Luca stood up, still gazing into my eyes.

"It's not just another day? You have grown into a beautful woman Katherine." He touched my cheek gently and began to walk to the front yard.

As I watched him walking away I could no longer feel Takeshi. His energy was gone and he was no longer in the distance. I headed back to the house and once I made it through the back door it was extremely quiet. I knew what this meant. Takeshi wanted to play our game. Who could find the other first without being detected until it was to late. I immediately put my back against the wall and began to control my breathing. This was Takeshi's chance to practice his so called shinobi skills and me to show him a few of my own. I crossed the living room into the kitchen as quiet as a smooth breeze against a tree leaf on a summer day.

"Gotcha!" Takeshi whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"So now what?" I asked.

"What should I do with you?" He whispered again in my ear.

"Maybe you can," before I could finish my sentence the front door closed and Luca was back in the house. Takeshi moved to the kitchen sink and began totake out a glass. Luca came in and I was standing in the middle of the room and Takeshi was drinking water as if we were just hanging out shooting the breeze.

"What are we doing for Katherine's birthday?" Luca asked as he looked in Takeshi's direction.

"I don't know she hasn't mentioned anything." Takeshi and Luca were both looking at me now.

"Well we must do something she is turning twenty." Luca said.

After Luca's response he took off his shirt and threw it on the chair and walked to the refrigerator. I watched Luca the way a wild animal hunts his prey. I wanted to pounce on him and press my lips against his. Maybe that would ease these odd feelings I have been having for weeks. Luca turned and looked at me once again and I just couldn't take it anymore. I had to get away from him.

"I'm going to take a shower now." This was the excuse I used to get away.

"Come up with some ideas please." Luca shouted as I walked away.

As I stepped into the bathroom I stared at myself for a while in the mirror. Moments later I could feel Takeshi's presence again. I knew he was watching and I didn't mind. Our parents were friends so long before they diedthat Takeshi and I have been best friends forever. This was one guilty pleasure I didn't mind providing for him. I took off my shirt slowly and began putting my hair into a ponytail. I could feel his eyes all over me. It was as if he was standing there with me. I turned on the water and felt the warmth of it against my hand. I began to take off my panties as I sat on the edge of the bathtub.

"What are you doing?!" Luca asked Takeshi angrily.

"I wasn't,"

"You weren't what?"

"Luca?" Takeshi's voice was trembling now.

"You are watching her Takeshi!" Takeshi began to back away from Luca and leaned against the wall. His body was shaking as if he had some type of demon in him that was ready to jump out and attack. He bent over in pain as if he had been shot.

"Takeshi!" Luca whispered but with force. Takeshi lifted his head to meet Luca's stare.

"You think I want to look at her Luca? You think I want to feel this for my," Takeshi couldn't bare to finish his sentence.

Luca walked over to him and he put his hand out to block Luca from getting any closer. Luca was aware that Takeshi's father did something very wrong. He knew he used unnatural forces to pull them together. To bound them in a way that no one could break. He didn't know why or for what reason. Luca felt his only job was to protect them and try to live as normal as possible. Takeshi found some things out after the murder of his parents. He wasn't sure how true or if any of it was true. He managed to keep these secrets this long from Katherine but there was something in him that wanted her. He dropped to one knee again as if he was in extreme pain.

"Takeshi!" Luca became worried now. Takeshi looked up at him almost with tears in his eyes.

"She's my," Takeshi was struggling to get the words out. Fighting as if fighting an unseen force.

"What Takeshi? Tell me?"

"She is my mate Luca but also my sister!" Takeshi admitted with shame.

Luca knew something was going on the night Takeshi's father was killed and knew it was wrong. He kind of had an idea but it was never confirmed. Takeshi knew and that was all the confirmation he needed.

"Takeshi she is your blood! You cant see her in that way ever?!" Takeshi became angry. He stood up and approached Luca.

"Don't think I don't see how you yourself look at her Luca!" Luca backed away for a moment.

"I would never Takeshi." Luca assured him.

"Never? Luca you want her just as bad as I do!" Takeshi said with anger.

"My blood doesn't pump through her veins!" Luca added.

Takeshi moved so swiftly he was face to face with Luca now. I finished my shower and was exiting the bathroom to see a serious stand down between these two men. I was a little confused but once my presence was noticed Takeshi walked away. I could feel the things he felt at times. I even wondered if he purposely walked away from me at different times so I wouldn't detect his thoughts or feelings. Luca stood there looking at me wrapped in my towel. He looked at my feet and then my legs. His eyes slowly made their way up to mine. We shared this eye contact for a brief moment. So brief but intense. I could feel myself getting flushed. I was begining to turn red and I knew Luca could see this. My heart began to pound and then there was the loud slam of Takeshi's bedroom door. I looked in that direction and as quick as I turned away. Luca was already gone. I stood there wondering what just happened.

"What did I miss?" I whispered.

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