Psychosis: The Undercover Mind of A Sociopath

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Mr. Watanabe The Beginning

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Asuka's younger years were memorible. Her father was a very busy businessman and her mother was a stay at home drunk mom.  Mr. Watanabe was assigned to Asuka to assist with her daily tasks such as preparing for morning study sessions, piano lessons, school preperations, cello lessions, meals, and reading time. Asuka was so curious even as a youngster that she wanted to know everything just like her father did. Although her father was a small statured male standing at 5' 6 she saw him as a 6'4 giant.  Smart, strong, successful, even though at a young age she was aware of both families. Her father was very similar to other asian men trapped in arranged marriages and would venture off with other women. We all knew but no one ever spoke of it, but he did take care of both families equally.


Mr. Watanabe was Asuka's father's right hand man. Even though her mother was around at this time Mr. Watanabe still took on all of those roles. Mr. Watanabe noticed Asuka's mother as well. Her light creamy South American skin, long jet black hair, even her voluptuous bossom; hoever even with the beauty that stood before him his interest was still in Asuka.

"Watanabe-san read to me." I even remember how I said it.

"What shall we read about?" He asked with a smile.

"Witches." I said.


Watanabe-san had a very strange look on his face now.

"Why would you want to know about witches?" He asked with concerned.

" Some of mama's family talk about them and rituls too." I responded.

"You mean rituals?" He smiled.

"Hai! That's it." I said with a smile.


In the begining he seemed uneasy about it but I brought him a book and he sat me on his lap. We flipped through the pages and now that I am older I understand what they were but as a child I had no idea. Watanabe-san immediatly closed the book.

" Aww, you promised to read."

He opened the book again and asked me to pick what I wanted to know. I looked through the pages and saw an image of men surrounding a woman who seemed to be laying on a table.

"What are they doing?" I asked.

"It looks like some type of offering." He answered with a cracky voice.

He closed the book again and said,

"Lets go play the piano now." As he took me off of his lap.

I wanted to know. I already had it in my head I would learn everything like father did. I grabbed the book from Watanabe-san and ran over to the kitchen table. I got on top of the table and laid there. The same as the girl in the picture of the book. 

It was odd because Watanabe-san seemed nervous and he was always happy around me. He walked over to the end of the table where my feet were. His hands gently grabbed my ankles. I could feel his hands trembling but they continued to move slowly up my legs towards my knees now. Above my uniform skirt his hands gently felt my thighs almost the way the hands of a masseuse would feel. The front door openned and Watanabe-san jumped back and stood still. I sat up on the table and my mother came through the door. Taking off her shoes she walks into the kitchen. She looked at Watanabe-san and Asuka on the table and walked over to grab a glass from the cabinet. She poured a glass of wine and said,

"It's time for cello, Watanabe take her." With a none caring tone.

"Hai!" Watanabe bowed, grabbed me by the hand and he walked me to the car. 

As I got older Watanbe would show me more things that I wanted to know. We all knew that boys and girls were different, but how. I was about seven years old when Watanabe-san showed me the difference between boys and girls. Girls had inside features and boys had external. He showed me his actually. But then I was confused. I saw my twin brother Hisoka's before but his was much smaller. Watanabe-san told me that they grow. He picked me up and sat me on the counter. His hands rubbig my thighs again underneath my black uniform skirt. I could feel his fingers very close to my panties. He rubbed gently, I never saw Watanabe-san as a threat but I did have a certain feeling that was new. I wasn't sure what it was but I would only feel it when Watanabe-san would do that.

Again Watanabe-san seemed nervous and picked me up and stood me on the floor.I could still see the large imprint of the difference between girls and boys. He told me to go start my homework and I did.

'I may need help." I said.

"I will be there soon." He replied.

Watanabe went into the bathroom and was in there for quite some time. I never thought to much about it because he was sought of my guard so he would always return to my side. I would soon begin to see something was wrong with everything going on but at the age of seven I felt he was showing me affection that no one else was showing. 

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